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Jing’an launches 2023 Year of Living Campaign with grand opening ceremony

Jing'an Launches 2023 Year of Living Campaign with Grand Opening Ceremony . Jing'an – not only a great place to visit, but also a great place to live. (PRNewsfoto/JOYU GROUP)

Jing’an – not only a great place to visit, but also a great place to live.

SHANGHAI – “Living a Healthy Lifestyle in the Depths of White Clouds” was the theme of the opening ceremony of the Jing’an Year of Living 2023, held at the Zhaixiashan Fitness Park in Jing’an, a county in China’s Jiangxi province on April 25th. The event is planned and executed by the Chief Planner of Joyu Group. The two-part event included a summit themed “The Chinese Path to Living a Happy Life in Modern Times – Jing’an”, and the Night of Sanzhualun, a series of activities showcasing the unique charm of the county that has always been a great place to live.

More than 4,000 participated in the ceremony, including leaders from the county’s government agencies, representatives from local travel agencies and tourism attractions as well as journalists and visitors.

As part of Jing’an Year of Living, the summit brought together top management executives from international tour operators, travel bloggers and specialists from the cultural tourism and fashion sectors who shared their viewpoints on the importance of leading a happy life, and how to best leverage China’s unique natural and cultural resources to develop Jing’an’s tourism sector.

Accompanied by melodious music, the short film “Living a Healthy Lifestyle in the Depths of White Clouds” kicked off the evening highlight – the Night of Sanzhaolun. The events of the evening were presented in the form of a dialogue between a child born in modern times and two ancient Chinese poets: Liu Shenxu from Tang Dynasty and Zeng Gong from Song Dynasty. Divided into three “chapters”, the dialogue was dedicated to the area’s characteristics that make Jing’an a great and unique place to live – its elegance, its relaxed lifestyle and its vitality – capturing the graceful and refined lifestyle of Jing’an of a thousand years ago, the relaxing and healing lifestyle that has always been a part of the region, and the trendy and energetic modern sports lifestyle of today. Through cultural performances, live broadcasts and interactive dialogues, the event also highlighted the quaint, antique charm of Baofeng Chanyun Town, the relaxed pastoral environment of Zhongyuan Summer Resort Town, and the stylish and energetic lifestyle of Sanzhualun Zhiqing Town, demonstrating the county’s appeal as not only an outstanding vacation destination but also a great place to live.

“The water flower market and water curtain light show were just gorgeous, and there are so many places to go! What really caught my interest was Zhongyuan Summer Resort Town and I plan to come back next week with my parents and children,” said a visitor from Nanchang who gave her surname as Liu. She became fascinated with the county after participating in the opening ceremony.

The Jing’an Year of Living comprises an opening ceremony and four promotional campaigns, the “Chasing the Wind” 100-km road trip, Midsummer Surfing season, the China “Tidal Wave” season, and the Ice and Snow Carnival sports challenge, alongside the many attractions that the county has long been known for: the centuries-old white tea culture, countryside living that can be experienced at its many guesthouses and inns, the many campsites for couples and families, the alpine landscapes and the hillsides bedecked with rhododendron, and the many locales for rafting, wind surfing and cycling. The event series also includes several themed activities organized by local government agencies and tour operators highlighting the area’s unique characteristics.

“The path ends where the white clouds do, and spring lasts long in the green stream,” is how Liu Chenxu’s described Jing’an. After thousands of years of the local population living in harmony with the area’s unique natural attributes, the county has become a more elegant and tranquil locale. With the growing recognition of the importance of healthy living, now is proving to be an ideal moment to showcase the advantages of Jing’an as an outstanding tourist destination where one can recharge one’s batteries while spending time in a thoroughly relaxing environment.

The biggest tourism draw is the area’s ecology, with its 84.1% forest coverage rate, making it one of the most beautiful regions in Jiangxi Province. The Jiangxi – Jing’an Year of Living 2023 is one of the most high-profile and comprehensive events to have taken place in the county for years. In order to further tap into the added value of the tourism industry and boost the local economy, the government of Jing’an has fully reformulated its approach to tourism promotion by choosing the content of the series event based on market demand in addition describing some of the ongoing projects and traditional festivals. By also building some new attractions, the government expects to increase the number of visitors and further stimulate consumption. With the hosting of the event, Jing’an has succeeded in transforming its tourism resources into tangible tourism products that are unique to the county. All in line with the theme of “Jing’an – not only a great place to visit, but also a great place to live”, the county has been building a complete tourism ecosystem by renovating key scenic areas, and adding new restaurants, hotels, transportation facilities, shopping outlets and entertainment venues. All offices of the government as well as local business associations have joined in the organization of the Jing’an Year of Living series to make sure that every visitor to the county goes home having had a delightful and memorable time during their stay. Thanks to these efforts, Jing’an has witnessed a continued increase in the hotel occupancy rate, the number of admissions to local tourist attractions and sales of locally produced merchandise. Two big drivers in the increase in tourism traffic have been the conversion of Zhongyuan into a national-level tourist resort and Sanzhaolun National Forest Park’s earning of the highest grade (a national 5A-level scenic area) offered by the country’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Ultimately, the local government aims to create a lineup of tourism highlights by continuing the renovation of local attractions, further enhancing the tourism infrastructure and adding new attractions.

With a series of seasonal events that highlight the region’s unique characteristics, Jing’an Year of Living is meant to promote the quality development of the cultural tourism sector while facilitating integration with the area’s existing industries, with the express goal of enhancing the county’s image as both a great place to live and a tourist destination renowned for its unique landscape.

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