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Great Wall Motor partners with Tourism Authority of Thailand for 3rd GWM Life Road Trooper

‘Driving with Young Heart, Traveling to the End of the Road’, Assembling Caravan of ORA Good Cats for Eco-Friendly Trip to Rayong.

BANGKOK – Great Wall Motor (GWM) partnered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to organize the 3rd GWM Life Road Trooper: ‘Driving with Young Heart, Travelling to the End of the Road’, under the concept ‘GO GREEN, Low Carbon Journey with ORA’, taking off seven ORA Good Cats, along with All New HAVAL H6 and HAVAL JOLION Hybrid SUVs, on a caravan trip from Bangkok to Rayong for eco-friendly activities on 10 & 11 October. The program aims to promote tourism in Thailand, boost local economies and encourage the use of electric vehicles, which is good for the environment. It reinforces GWM’s commitment to becoming an xEV leader by forming alliances with various partners and contributing to Thailand’s future of being an EV society while growing with Thai society in a sustainable way.

Suparang Anuchapreeda, Director of Communications of Great Wall Motor (Thailand), said: “Great Wall Motor is gratified to be a significant part of promoting alternative eco-tourism through the ‘GWM Life Road Trooper: Driving with Young Heart, Traveling to the End of the Road’ program, which has been organized for the third time following the success of the previous ones. On this trip, we went to Rayong to let the participants enjoy and appreciate the beauty and abundance of nature while taking on board how crucial environmental conservation is through various GO GREEN activities, such as Green Living: adjusting lifestyles to becoming more friendly to the environment; Green Tourism: eco-tourism; Green Mobility: the use of the electric vehicle, which is less damaging to the environment; Green Energy: clean energy; and Green Knowledge: the understanding of environmental conservation. These activities aim to promote creative tourism and provide unique experiences, which is in line with our commitment to constantly create new user experiences. Moreover, the participants were able to experience the exceptional driving experience of an advanced innovative electric vehicle that is environmentally friendly – the ORA Good Cat – a tremendously popular EV among Thai fans since its introduction. Currently, the EV ecosystem covers several provinces and is convenient to use with the GWM app. We hope that this program will help make consumers pay more attention to the importance of environmentally-conscious tourism along with helping to stimulate the economy in secondary cities in a sustainable way.”

In addition to the TAT, GWM Life Road Trooper is also supported by six other partners: the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), the Foundation for the Promotion of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction (P-GER), Creative Media for Tourism Club, Channel 8 TV Station, other media and a leading environmental ally – Siam City Cement plc, which took a significant role in supporting GWM’s environmental conservation activities for the first time on this trip. This program will run throughout the year, inviting customers and partners to initiate new routes with all GWM’s electric vehicles, highlighting eco-tourism under the ‘Bio-Circular-Green Economy’ (BCG) model, which helps boost economic, social and environmental development. This is in line with the direction of social activities under the ‘GWM Initiative’ program, focusing on social environment development as well as enhancing cultural diversity along with building and developing communities.

The ORA Good Cat caravan started from GWM ATT U Park Bangna, before checking in at the first destination –the Floral Exhibition Hall in Rayong to see the magnificent winter flowers before going to Tamnanpar restaurant to fuel the day with a delicious lunch. The caravan later continued the trip to the Rayong Botanical Garden, where the participants enjoyed challenging activities in the afternoon such as kayaking to see the beauty of nature. After that, everyone arrived at the hotel for dinner and exchanged ideas about ecotourism, environmental conservation, and the media’s role in supporting sustainable activities as well as promoting the BCG model. The next day, the caravan group headed to Thung Prong Thong, Pak Nam Prasae and was joined by more than 15 GWM Owner Club members and user volunteers from Bangkok and Rayong to undertake environmental conservation activities, assimilating waste types and sorting as well as collecting marine debris and planting over 350 mangrove seedings before heading to Krua Ma Ruay restaurant to have lunch, visiting the EleXA by EGAT charging station at Nikhom Phatthana, before traveling back to Bangkok safely.

Watcharapol Sarnsorn, Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand in Rayong, said: “The Tourism Authority of Thailand has a policy to promote tourism through collaboration with the private sector. We are honored to be GWM’s main partner for the GWM Life Road Trooper: ‘Driving with Young Heart, Traveling to the End of the Road’ for the third time. This time, holding the trip in Rayong – a city full of diverse beautiful natural attractions such as the Rayong Botanical Garden, Floral Exhibition Hall and Thung Prong Thong, travelers gained remarkable experiences. We truly hope this program will help foster the country’s tourism and economy as well as raise awareness about responsible tourism for society and the environment, while encouraging the use of electric vehicles among Thai consumers, which will greatly contribute to tourism industry growth in a steady and sustainable way.”

The program offers exclusive deals for GWM customers, with discounts from partnered entrepreneurs, restaurants, and hotels with the GWM Life Road Trooper logo, such as Rayong Marriott Resort and Spa, Tamnanpar restaurant and Krua Ma Ruay restaurant.

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