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Sgmytrips expands private transport services in partnership with global platforms


Through collaboration with international travel platforms, Sgmytrips aims to accommodate the rising international demand for travel to Malaysia.

SINGAPORE – Sgmytrips, a provider of private transport from Singapore to Malaysia, has announced its expansion and partnership with several international platforms. Through cooperation with these platforms, Sgmytrips aims to serve the increasing number of international travellers visiting Malaysia.

With the resumption and rise of international travel due to all COVID-19-related border measures having been lifted, an increasing number of overseas travellers are visiting Malaysia. As such, Sgmytrips’ current partnership with Klook, Ctrip,, and Tao Bao stems from its intentions to provide an affordable, safe, and convenient means of transportation throughout the country. Besides expanding Sgmytrips’ reach to various fields and regions, working with international platforms also allows the organisation to adapt its services to the diversity of trends and cultures around the world.

Private hire car services are a convenient and efficient way to travel to and from destinations in Malaysia. This expansion and partnership came about as a result of Sgmytrips advocating safe visits to Malaysia in an effort to allow convenience and comfort for travellers seeking to explore the country. Thus, Sgmytrips dedicates itself to offering private hire cars to Malaysia. Travellers can make a direct booking and enjoy a direct journey without any transfers when travelling with Sgmytrips’ private car from Singapore to Malaysia. In addition to being comfortable and convenient, Sgmytrips’ private vehicles meet the standards and requirements set by Tourism Malaysia and possess a Malaysian tourism licence, which allows the company to operate legally in the country. Therefore, they ensure tourists’ optimal travel experience and financial security are met, providing a safe and reputable solution for travellers looking for private taxis from Singapore to Malaysia.

Sgmytrips is a professional, reliable, and licenced transport company services provider in Singapore, offering transport between Malaysia and Singapore for travellers looking to visit various destinations and attractions in Malaysia. With over five years of experience in the industry, it is constantly seeking ways to reach out to overseas visitors and alleviate its travelling woes.

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