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Another new chapter begins: A culinary journey at Jim Thompson, a Thai restaurant – unveiling the revitalized and exciting F&B wing

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Jim Thompson’s revitalized F&B wing elevates Thai culinary artistry, promising an immersive experience that synergizes with the brand’s global lifestyle ethos.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Jim Thompson unveils its revitalized and exciting Food & Beverage (F&B) wing, a sparkling testament to innovation, passion, and creativity with “Another New Chapter Begins: A Culinary Journey at Jim Thompson, A Thai Restaurant.” This sneak peek precedes the full reopening of the F&B Wing, set to fully immerse guests in Thailand’s rich and vibrant culture. This much-anticipated reveal showcases the newly revitalized Jim Thompson, A Thai Restaurant and the brand-new The OSS Bar.

Collaborating with local suppliers to foster community growth, the à la carte menu at Jim Thompson, A Thai Restaurant, presents Thai food through the fascinating perspective of Mr Jim Thompson’s love affair with Thai cuisine. The menu showcases a wide variety of traditional and forward-thinking Thai dishes and special Chef’s Degustation menus, mirroring the enchanting ambiance of Jim Thompson’s personal dining table. Guests can also enjoy cocktails at The OSS Bar, inspired by the American World War II intelligence agency, complete with professional mixologists, and a stunning terrace overlooking the klong.

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Conceptualized by NEXT Hospitality Group and designed by HBA, the globally renowned hospitality design firm, the concept beautifully integrates over 70 exclusive and unique Jim Thompson Home Furnishing fabrics. This revitalized F&B chapter pays homage to Jim Thompson’s legacy, celebrated as a gracious host who frequently welcomed writers, diplomats, and celebrities to his residence. Thompson’s extraordinary hospitality and spirit are commemorated with modern furnishings and subtle imagery throughout various dining levels.

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In its entirety, the venue promises diverse experiences, from informal lunches by a koi pond for museum visitors to vibrant evening dining featuring progressive Thai cuisine and exquisite wines. Guests will also be able to treat themselves to a distinctive afternoon tea with views of the Jim Thompson house and garden. Every facet of the dining experience resonates with Thompson’s lifestyle and hospitality while providing something unique for each guest.

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The comeback of Jim Thompson’s restaurant represents more than a mere renovation. It signifies a synergy with the brand’s fashion and home furnishings departments, echoing the iconic global lifestyle branding of Jim Thompson. Frank Cancelloni, Group CEO of Jim Thompson, reveals, “Jim Thompson Hospitality is ready to open and play its part in the lifestyle destination that is the Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter. This new chapter in our journey showcases innovation, excitement, and the renowned hospitality that Thailand is famous for. It also underlines our commitment to quality and honoring Thai traditions – values that have made Jim Thompson a truly unique brand.”

Joan Tana Dot, Food and Beverage Director, proudly shared, “With our professional team of culinary artists, including our executive chef, mixologist, pastry chef, and more, we are ready to lead Jim Thompson’s hospitality business to new heights. Our dining experience is a unique blend of traditional Thai flavors and modern culinary techniques. The vision for our flagship restaurant is a homage to Jim Thompson’s values, emphasizing the use of the finest sustainable products sourced from local Thai suppliers. Our unique approach to Thai cuisine will appeal to both local and international patrons.”

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With a culinary legacy steeped in excellence, Executive Chef Pepe Dasí Jiménez helms the kitchen. Fondly known as Chef Pepe, he made his mark at Spain’s iconic three- and two-star Michelin restaurants before expanding his culinary horizons in Norway and Australia. Then surrendering to his love for Thai cuisine, he headed to Thailand where he collaborated with prominent local maestros to seamlessly infuse traditional Thai with his distinct spicy flair. Under Chef Pepe’s visionary leadership, diners can anticipate an unparalleled gastronomic journey.

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The rejuvenated Jim Thompson Food & Beverage wing celebrates Thai culture through innovative culinary artistry offering an exclusive dining journey, from the flagship restaurant’s authentic Thai flavors to the unique ambiance of The OSS Bar, all embodying Jim Thompson’s elegant legacy. As part of its ‘beyond silk’ strategy, Jim Thompson is establishing distinct branding for outlets within the Heritage Quarter and plans to expand this concept both nationally and internationally. This strategy aligns with its goals as a global lifestyle brand, offering new growth opportunities that the brand is eager to embrace to elevate its hospitality offerings.

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