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2030 SDGs Game

AIHM’s game-changing approach to sustainability

AIHM Students and The 2030 SDGs Game

Discover how the Asian Institute of Hospitality Management (AIHM) is leading the way in sustainability education with the 2030 SDGs Game. Explore the impact of this interactive tool on students’ global awareness and social responsibility. Learn how AIHM is shaping socially responsible leaders in the hospitality industry and beyond.

Bangkok, Thailand — The Asian Institute of Hospitality Management (AIHM) is not just shaping the future of hospitality; it’s also shaping the future of the planet. On October 24th, AIHM hosted a groundbreaking educational event, The 2030 SDGs Game, as part of their Principles of Sustainability and Innovation coursework. The 2030 SDGs Game is an interactive, card-based game, led by Assumption University’s certified facilitator and Ambassador of Aloha, Dr. Scott Smith, who leads students on a journey to the year 2030.

Dr. Scott Smith is no stranger to the game or its impact. He’s been actively presenting it to a variety of audiences, from corporations to educational institutions, sparking meaningful dialogues about global sustainability in Thailand and abroad. “The game serves as a dynamic educational tool, helping participants grasp the far-reaching consequences of individual and collective decisions. It’s a hands-on way to nurture a new generation of leaders who are socially responsible and globally aware.” said Dr. Scott.

AIHM, founded in partnership with Minor Hotels and academically associated with Les Roches, is a leader in hospitality education. But this event proves they’re about more than just hospitality; they’re committed to academic excellence and social responsibility. They’re preparing students to be not just leaders in their field but also conscientious global citizens who understand the ripple effects of their actions.

Ms. Kate Varini, Academic Programme Leader and Lecturer at AIHM said, “The 2030 SDGs Game provided my students with the opportunity to fully engage with a sustainability mindset. The impact of their business decisions was clearly visible throughout the game. Once we could stop and reflect (halfway through the game), the students were mindful of the negative impacts they had generated and thus redirected their efforts to generate a more aligned world situation.”

Khemkhaeng Andrew Rohrbach, the Student President of AIHM, shared his experience. “The game’s instructions were simple and clear, making it accessible to everyone,” he said. “It allowed us to develop critical thinking skills and work as a team to envision a better world.” One sentence from Dr. Scott’s presentation particularly resonated with him and many others: “Sustainability is making a choice for our next generation.” Andrew continued, “That powerful message has personally motivated me and emphasized the importance of our efforts in striving for a sustainable future.”

Andrew also had a heartfelt message for Dr. Scott: “Thank you for your inspiring visit and invaluable guidance. We’re grateful for your time and look forward to future opportunities for in-depth learning and collaboration on the Sustainable Development Goals.”

The Asian Institute of Hospitality Management is doing more than teaching the principles of hospitality; it’s instilling the principles of sustainability and global citizenship. Through innovative educational tools like the 2030 SDGs Game, AIHM is making a lasting impact, one socially responsible leader at a time.

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