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Struan ​Robertson (Spiceroads): Cycling Tourism is a growing trend in Southeast Asia

Struan ​Robertson Managing Director of Spiceroads talks to TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific about the trends in cycling tourism, the evolution of bicycles in Southeast Asia and the profile of travellers who use a bicycle to explore a destination. Spiceroads specialised in cycling tourism in Asia and all over the world.

We met Struan ​Robertson, Managing Director of Spiceroads in Bangkok, Thailand and we discussed the importance and the trends of cycling tourism in Southeast Asia.

Cycling has been a popular mode of transportation for Asian people for many years due to its affordability. However, with the rise of motorbikes and cars, the use of bicycles has declined. Nevertheless, in recent years, there has been a shift in the way Asians view cycling, from a necessity to a recreational activity. This change has led to an increase in cycling among Asian travellers, both for commuting and exploring new destinations.

In terms of popular destinations for cycling travellers, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia are the most frequently visited countries in Southeast Asia due to their accessibility, quality of hotels, and varied terrain. Japan and Korea are also rising stars for cycling tourism, particularly for Western and Asian tourists alike. In Europe, Spain, France, and Italy are the go-to destinations for Asian cycling travellers.

The profile of a cycling traveller varies greatly, depending on the type of cycling they prefer. Some travellers are more interested in road cycling, while others enjoy touring and sightseeing or off-road cycling. The desire to explore and discover new places is a common thread among all cycling travellers, as is a love for good food and drink. Additionally, many cyclists prefer to avoid mass tourism and seek out quieter, lesser-known parts of a destination.

Sustainability is an important topic in the travel and hospitality industry, particularly in Asia. Cycling is viewed as a sustainable way to explore a destination due to the smaller carbon footprint and the tendency to visit lesser-known places. Furthermore, cycling tourism can contribute to the local economy without overwhelming it, thereby sustaining the environment and allowing foreign currency to flow into the local economic system.

Overall, the popularity of cycling among Asian travellers has increased in recent years, as has the desire to explore new and lesser-known destinations. Cycling tourism is a sustainable way to travel and can benefit both the traveller and the local economy.

Watch the video interview for more details.

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