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Cycling Tourism

Global bike tour hotspots revealed in Explore Worldwide’s report

Cycling Tourism

Explore Worldwide’s new report highlights Taipei, Taiwan, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as leading destinations for bike tours, with substantial increases in online search interest.

Adventure travel company Explore Worldwide has revealed this year’s trending destinations for bike tours across the world’s continents in its new Learn To Ride Report.

Explore’s research, based on Google search data from the last two years, has identified the destinations experiencing the most significant increase in online searches compared to the previous year. The study also reveals the countries surging in popularity among those itching to see the world on two wheels.

From urban bike meccas to serene countryside escapes, these are the emerging hot spots for bike tours worldwide.

The World’s Top Trending Bike Tour Destinations
Rank Location Interest increase %
(based on yearly Google search increases)
1 Taipei, Taiwan 946%
2 Phnom Penh, Cambodia 816%
3 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 692%
4 Auckland, New Zealand 557%
5 Khao Lak, Thailand 533%
6 Shanghai, China 500%
7 Hanoi, Vietnam 480%
8 Taiwan, Asia 464%
9 Buenos Aires, Argentina 408%
10 Santiago, Chile 390%
11 Cologne, Germany 354%
12 Albania, Europe 311%
13 Chiang Mai, Thailand 281%
14 Samoa, Oceania 275%
15 Japan, Asia 270%
  1. Taipei, Taiwan: Taipei, soaring to the top with an astonishing 946% surge in biking interest, is a cyclist’s paradise. The city intertwines modern urban landscapes with tranquil bike paths. Cyclists can explore the vibrant street life, pedal along the picturesque Tamsui River, or challenge themselves on the hilly terrains that surround this dynamic city.
  2. Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Phnom Penh, experiencing an 816% leap in biking enthusiasm, offers an immersive experience into Cambodia’s heart. Bike tours here are not just about the ride; they’re a journey through history and culture. From the bustling city corners to the serene outskirts, each pedal brings a unique story.
  3. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: With a nearly 700% jump in interest, Ho Chi Minh City has emerged as a top cycling destination. The city’s energy is palpable as cyclists weave through the lively streets, exploring hidden gems and famous landmarks. The surrounding countryside offers a peaceful contrast, with scenic routes through rice paddies and traditional villages.
  4. Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland’s 557% increase in biking searches mirrors its diverse landscapes, perfect for every cycling enthusiast. The city’s unique geography allows for breathtaking coastal rides, urban adventures, and encounters with lush green parks, making every biking tour in Auckland an unforgettable experience.
  5. Khao Lak, Thailand: With a 533% surge in cycling interest, Khao Lak is Thailand’s hidden jewel for cyclists. The region’s stunning natural beauty, from its pristine beaches to its lush jungles, is best explored on two wheels. Biking in Khao Lak is more than a tour; it’s a tranquil escape into nature’s finest tropical scenes.

As well as looking at trending bike tour cities and regions, Explore Worldwide’s new report also reveals the countries across the globe that are proving popular with cycling travellers this year.

Top Trending Countries For Bike Tours
Rank Country Interest increase %
(based on yearly Google search increases)
1 Taiwan 153%
2 Albania 127%
3 Samoa 121%
4 Japan 119%
5 Vietnam 85%
6 Mongolia 84%
7 South Korea 80%
8 Bhutan 71%
9 Nepal 63%
10 Panama 62%
11 Estonia 53%
12 Tanzania 53%
13 Croatia 51%
14 Laos 49%
15 South Africa 46%
16 Malaysia 46%
17 Namibia 43%
18 New Zealand 43%
19 Hungary 42%
20 Turkey 42%
  1. Taiwan: Topping the list once again, this time with a remarkable 153% surge in interest, Taiwan has become a haven for bike enthusiasts. Cyclists can explore the bustling streets of Taipei, ride along the picturesque Sun Moon Lake, or embark on the famous East Coast route, showcasing Taiwan’s natural beauty and cultural richness.
  2. Albania: With a 127% increase in biking interest, Albania’s routes wind through ancient ruins, Ottoman architecture, and a serene coastline. Cycling tours in Albania often include the breathtaking Albanian Riviera, offering a unique opportunity to experience the country’s unspoiled natural beauty.
  3. Samoa: Experiencing a 121% jump in popularity, Samoa’s cycling tours offer serene, less-traveled roads through rain forests, traditional villages, and stunning beaches, making Samoa an ideal destination for those seeking a tranquil biking experience.
  4. Japan: In Japan, cyclists can explore ancient temples, lush rice fields, and bustling cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. The Shimanami Kaido route, connecting the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, is a highlight for many cyclists.
  5. Vietnam: Vietnam, witnessing an 85% increase in bike tour searches, offers an exhilarating mix of urban and rural landscapes. From the vibrant streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which appear among the top ten trending locations for bike tours globally, to the serene rice paddies of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam’s cycling routes are as diverse as its cultural tapestry.

Other countries garnering cyclists’ interest are Mongolia, Panama and Croatia. Whether it’s the crystal-clear waters and historic towns of the Dalmatian Coast or the tranquil villages and Buddhist temples of Laos, it’s clear there is no shortage of appetite for bike tours in exotic destinations.

Michael Edwards, Managing Director at Explore! adds, “Our latest research on the world’s top trending bike tour destinations proves that when it comes to travel preferences, there’s a real appetite for a deeper, more immersive approach to travel. Cycling is a powerful medium to connect, understand and appreciate the environment and physical landscape of your destination. This shift towards biking adventures shows how travelers seek to step off the beaten paths and immerse themselves in local habitats, proven by the surge in interest for cities like Taipei, Phnom Penh, and Ho Chi Minh City, which easily blend the thrill of exploration with the joy of biking.”

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