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Taiwan’s booming bicycle tourism: Influencers spotlight stunning cycling trails

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Highlighting Taiwan as a cycling haven, influencers documented their journey along Taiwan’s breathtaking coastlines and vibrant markets.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Taiwan is renowned as the “Kingdom of Bicycles,” with its friendly bike paths and facilities receiving international acclaim. The Sun Moon Lake cycling trail was even selected by CNN GO as one of the “World’s 10 Most Beautiful Bike Paths.” Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation has been promoting bicycle-themed tourism to provide a safer and more accessible cycling environment.

In late August 2023, Jules and Sulivan, two millionaire influencers from the Les Vermines channel, were invited by Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation, to experience a five-day cycling trip in Taiwan. They rode along the Northeast Coastline during the summer, marveling at the unique coastal erosion landscapes and capturing the magnificent views of Jiufen and Yehliu. They also indulged in authentic Taiwanese street food, finding the railway bento and Taiwanese shaved ice to be particularly delightful. Returning to Taipei, they visited the traditional Yongle Market and Raohe Night Market, delving deep into Taiwan’s old street culture and famous local delicacies. This cycling journey through Taiwan was perfectly documented in their video, showcasing the beautiful and friendly environment for cycling tourism in Taiwan with vibrant cinematography and lighthearted humor. The two influencers hope to return to Taiwan in different seasons to experience its diverse landscapes. This video was released on their channel in November 2023, promoting the wonderful experience of cycling in Taiwan to audiences in France and internationally.

Organizing various bicycle tourism activities to showcase Taiwan’s beauty to the world

In 2021, Taiwan focused on “Bicycle Tourism Year” to promote bicycle tourism worldwide, showcasing Taiwan’s unique landscapes and hospitality through cycling and slow travel. The “Taiwan KOM Challenge,” now in its 12th edition in 2023, has invited 422 international riders from 37 countries, with a total of 776 participants. Through hosting various international cycling events, Taiwan not only promotes itself as the Kingdom of Bicycles but also as a friendly, accessible, and stunning destination for cycling adventures.

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