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Navigating the future: Trends in content creation and communication

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Navigating the dynamic landscape of content creation requires balancing short-form video trends with social responsibility, while integrating AI technologies in an ethical manner.

The dynamic world of communication and creativity is once again in the throes of revolution, a recurring hallmark of our ever-evolving industry. As the pendulum swings from the surge in demand for concise, impactful videos to the surging importance of social and environmental causes, we find ourselves firmly ensconced within the corridors of a digital transformation.

At its heart lies generative AI, a transformative technology redefining how we conceive and disseminate content. However, AI isn’t just another fleeting trend; it’s a phenomenon that raises a multitude of ethical challenges in its wake. So, as we navigate this ever-shifting landscape, how can we harness the power of these latest trends while steering clear of common pitfalls?

Invest in Short-Form Video Content

In content creation, the prevailing trends are pulling in opposing directions. On the one hand, an audience weary of clickbait and superficial scrolling craves more substantial, meaningful, and personally enriching content with a strong emphasis on delivering tangible value. Long-form content gets twice as many page views and 24% more shares than content of average length.

On the other hand, it is no secret that shorter is often better. Up to 96% of people prefer watching short videos to get insights into products or services. It is a trend reshaping how brands connect with their audience, and it is happening on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

These platforms offer a playground for creativity, allowing you to condense your content into concise, compelling videos that keep your viewers hooked. Whether showcasing a product, sharing a quick tutorial, or just telling your brand’s story, these short videos offer an efficient and captivating way to connect with your audience. The key lies in making every second count, and these platforms are designed to help you do just that.

Collaboration with Micro and Nano Influencers

You might be tempted to think that big-name influencers are the golden ticket to getting your message across, but here is a secret: you do not need the big guns. Micro and nano-influencers are stepping into the limelight and offer a cost-effective way to boost your brand’s visibility.

These influencers may not have millions of followers, but they have something even more valuable — authenticity and a dedicated fan base. Micro-influencers typically have followers in the thousands, while nano-influencers may have even fewer, but their audiences trust them. When a micro or nano-influencer talks about your product or service, it is like a recommendation from a friend.

Now, the magic happens when you combine these relatable influencers with the power of short videos. They can help you tell your brand’s story in a way that’s genuine and resonates with your target audience. It is not about flashy endorsements; it is about real people sharing their experiences with your brand, and it is an incredibly effective way to get your message out there without breaking the bank.

Speaking Up on Social and Environmental Issues

But exactly would you want to talk about to your consumers in those short videos that micro-influencers will share? In the age of conscious consumerism, it is not just about what you sell but also about what you stand for. People genuinely care about the values and principles a brand represents.

YouGov, a renowned research company, has highlighted a compelling trend: Almost half the people asked (47.3%), and nano influencers (18.74%) in Asia-Pacific are paying closer attention to brands championing social and environmental causes. Take Thailand, for instance, where over two in five people consider a brand’s values before making a purchase. This means consumers actively seek brands that align with their beliefs and values.

This shift in consumer behavior signals businesses that it is not enough to offer quality products or services. To succeed in today’s market, taking a stance on social and environmental issues is essential. Consumers want to know where brands stand, what causes they support, and how they contribute to a better world. It is about authenticity, and it is about making a positive impact.

Understanding AI’s Tough Questions

What about the trends in content development itself? AI is making waves, and there is plenty of excitement around it. We are on the cusp of witnessing robotic algorithms taking the reins of content creation, a trend gaining momentum and sophistication.

Marketers are constantly looking for new and more effective ways to create content beyond traditional means, and copy generators driven by AI are helping them develop ideas and content outlines. These algorithms are increasingly adept at handling various tasks, from generating news articles to crunching financial data.

While AI cannot replace human creativity, it is undoubtedly changing the game in social media. As we look to the future, it is conceivable that AI will not only assist but also direct content creation and distribution.

However, amidst this enthusiasm, legitimate concerns about ethics, fairness, and the need for caution exist. This paradigm shift, while exciting, raises essential questions about the responsible use of AI. We must navigate the AI landscape carefully to ensure it does not confuse, erode trust, or harm a brand’s reputation.

In a world where the rules are ever-evolving, staying informed, adapting, and capitalizing on these trends is imperative. As we navigate the unfolding digital era, the creative, the authentic, and the responsible will not only endure but flourish. Let’s wholeheartedly embrace this shifting landscape and persist in crafting content that resonates, whether long or short form. Together, we will shape the future of communication and storytelling.

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She has over 20 years of experience driving PR strategy for leading organisations in various sectors, launching Midas PR in 2007 after gathering ideas, honing her skills in Luxembourg, and refining her PR approach by working in Thailand. Over the last 16 years, Midas PR has achieved strong and consistent growth and today is recognised as one of Thailand’s leading multi-award-winning PR and communications firms. Alongside heading up the Midas team, Karine is Chair for the PRCA Thailand and a member of PROI Worldwide.

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