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Virtual “previews” of destinations are often used to showcase previously unimagined travel possibilities and surprising locations to new tourists, while

Proceeds from the auction will sponsor at least 20 hospitality scholarships and internships, exclusively for the benefit of young Phuket

The event will feature a live radio broadcast from the Great Barrier Reef International Marine College and demonstrations including the

A decision support system through social listening for tourism policy formation and monitoring.

Knowledge-sharing and training partnership to advance net positive hospitality for people and place.

Lenôtre Culinary Arts School Thailand is committed to passing on cooking skills from a team of professional chefs who value

Through this collaboration, the institute seeks to sensitize its students towards differently- abled individuals and enable them to become responsible

So what is it that people love so much about travelling.

As part of the MOU, the Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management has sought inputs from the Sarovar Hotels and Resorts

Sands China recognises outstanding suppliers and recently trained local SMEs.