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Unique Things to do in Bangkok

Besides the popular temples and the historic palaces, Bangkok has plenty to offer for anyone who is visiting Thailand.

Bangkok is one of the best tourist destinations. It’s exciting, fascinating and a great city to visit. With more than 8 million inhabitants, you will come across people of all lifestyles when you visit Bangkok. Apart from being a beautiful city, Bangkok is also full of culinary delights, historic attractions, as well as great shopping places. Besides the popular temples and the historic palaces, Bangkok has plenty to offer for anyone who is visiting Thailand. With cheap flights from Singapore to Bangkok, you can start to plan your holidays soon and here are some unique things to do in Bangkok!

Canal Tours

Canal Tours

One of the most fulfilling ways of experiencing the beautiful city of Bangkok is from the water. With a canal tour, you will have a closer experience of the city, as opposed to taking a bus ride or other touring methods. For the longest time, water transportation was the main method of getting around the city and many locals still rely on this method. For instance, you can visit the local floating markets or even take a trip to the Khlong Phrakanong wooden pier. The next time you visit Bangkok, don’t miss this fascinating opportunity. 

Meditate at Local Monasteries

Buddhism is one of the main religions of Thailand. And while many visitors visit the local Buddhist temples, not many take the time to meditate. If you want a closer experience of the city’s local culture, then you should spare a few hours and meditate in one of the temples. Meditation will help you to clear your mind, relax and spend time with yourself. Most Buddhist temples in the city welcome visitors. You can also join a group meditation class or even meditate alone or with the help of an instructor. 

Rod Fai Train Market

Rod Fai Train Market

Once you land in Bangkok, you will have numerous options when it comes to shopping. But if you want to enjoy a unique shopping experience, then you should definitely check out the Rod Fai Train Market. This market provides a traditional, charming and unique shopping experience, where you will find a vast selection of items, from vintage clothing, antique toys to distinctive jewellery pieces. If you are a vintage collector or you are simply looking for a unique or thrilling shopping experience, then this market should be on your list whenever you visit Bangkok. 

Explore Traditional Pottery

Explore Traditional Pottery

A trip to Bangkok is never complete without visiting the traditional pottery villages. Located on Koh Kret, you will find a unique selection of handmade pottery in this village. And if you have plenty of time on your hands, you can venture further into the outskirts of the city, and you will come across hundreds of small family businesses, where you can purchase handmade pottery. 

Wakeboarding with Friends

As much as it might appear like a far-fetched idea, wakeboarding in Bangkok is actually possible. The city has two main cable boarding parks – Taco Lake in Bangna and Wake Park in Rangsit. If you are passionate about wakeboarding, then you will definitely have a good time in these parks. And if you’ve never experienced wakeboarding in a cable park, then you are in for a memorable experience. 

Final Thoughts

From traditional cuisines to picturesque views, holiday destinations to unique places, Bangkok is a unique city to visit at any time of the year. And if you a unique experience and familiarize yourself more with the city, then you need to explore beyond the ordinary tourist attractions.

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