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Local support strengthens Daegu convention infrastructure

From empowering MICE-related business through marketing assistance and inter-industry networking initiatives to fostering a community of passionate city ambassadors through training programs on international hospitality, DCVB has placed local cooperation at the heart of its strategy for success.

DAEGU, Republic of Korea – The Daegu Convention and Visitors Bureau has joined forces with citizens and businesses to improve and expand the city’s capabilities for large-scale international events. Thanks to this strong foundation of local support, Daegu’s MICE industry has experienced steady growth.
From empowering MICE-related business through marketing assistance and inter-industry networking initiatives to fostering a community of passionate city ambassadors through training programs on international hospitality, DCVB has placed local cooperation at the heart of its strategy for success.
DCVB has made strides in the business of building relationships. Its outreach efforts have opened opportunities for Daegu citizens and businesses alike while paving the way for the future of the city’s MICE industry.
Collaboration between Daegu’s public and private sectors has generated exciting new opportunities for convention-related businesses while bolstering the city’s success as an international host.
The Daegu MICE Alliance is a marketing cooperative comprised of local businesses and government agencies. The task force is 43 members strong, including DCVB, convention centers, accommodation facilities, professional convention organizers, tour agencies and other MICE-related businesses in Daegu.
Although MICE Alliance members come from a variety of backgrounds, they share a common goal: to make Daegu an attractive destination for foreign visitors and international events. Yuri Lee is the managing editor of the Daegu Compass, a publication geared toward foreigners living in Daegu, and a member of the MICE Alliance. She said DCVB gives members a voice to affect positive change.
DCVB understands our goals and works as a liaison between MICE Alliance members and the city government to ensure that policy is conducive to MICE-related industry growth,” she said.
DCVB also helps MICE Alliance members reach their market potential by offering a variety of educational programs on developing capacity, presentation, planning and marketing.
Alliance members can also benefit from far-reaching marketing campaigns through its participation in MICE-related events. DCVB provides budgetary funding for members to attend international conventions. This support made it possible for Jong-hwan Lee of Well Made, a PR material and proposal design company, to attend the 2014 IMEX in Frankfurt, Germany.
With CVB’s support, small and medium companies can attend overseas conventions so that they can learn the newest trends in the MICE industry,” Lee said. “It also helps them widen their vision with convention experience.
CEO Jeong-hyn Oh of SOURCE, a PCO and MICE marketing planning company, also attended and worked with Daegu CVB in IMEX 2014. He said reaching an international audience was a valuable experience for his company and beneficial to Daegu’s convention-related industries as a whole.
 “[Encouraging and supporting overseas convention attendance] educates Alliance members about the overseas market, strengthens marketing capability through joint marketing and reinforces cooperation between the Alliance and DCVB,” he said.


In addition to coordinating the efforts of local businesses, DCVB has mobilized Daegu citizens to support the success of international events. Consisting of 16 tour guides and 40 MICE staff, Daegu MICE Supporters are often the first to greet visitors to Daegu. 
Tour guide Mi-ran Choi said that despite the large number of members, MICE Supporters is a well-organized group with a strong sense of collaboration. Members of different ages and backgrounds share their ideas, contributing to the group’s success.
We have different ages in our group, which means there are as many opinions as different ages,” she said.
Students offer interesting and unique ideas and older adults share their experience and professional knowledge,” she said.
In addition to supporting Daegu’s MICE industry, MICE Supporters educates and inspires citizens to get involved in their community. Members perform a variety of jobs from administrative assistance to interpretation for tour services.
Cheol-woo Park of DCVB’s City Branding Team supervises the Daegu MICE Supporters. His office is working to meet the enthusiasm of supporters with educational programs to improve service.
We consistently develop training programs related to international meetings for our passionate supporters,” he said.
Through this outreach, we can educate the public about Daegu’s MICE industry and open opportunities for people from all walks of life, including retirees.
English tour guide Eun-ju Kang said MICE Supporters connects passionate individuals to a network for sharing information. She meets with other tour guides once a month to share notes and go on field trips. These outings serve a higher purpose than professional development; they keep her job exciting because there is always something new to learn about her hometown.
This job gives me a lot of pride,” she said. “This is where I was born and raised. I’m proud of this city, and I love to share my passion and be a friend to tourists.
Local collaboration has created a strong foundation for growth in Daegu’s MICE industry. In addition to mobilizing supporters, DCVB has generated new opportunities for local businesses by facilitating cooperation between the public and private sectors. This community of support has put the city on the map as a destination for international events.


Photo caption: Daegu MICE Alliance members collaborate on destination promotion event with Daegu CVB in IMEX 2014.
Photo caption: MICE Supporters worked at the information desk during International Green Energy Exhibition2014.
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