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Philippine Airlines takes personalization to new heights with Amadeus Traveler DNA

Philippine Airlines embarks on a digital transformation with Amadeus Traveler DNA to offer personalized passenger experiences. This advanced solution integrates customer insights for tailored communications, enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue through customized services. Integrated with the Altéa system, it ensures consistent service across all touchpoints, aiming to humanize technology and deepen customer understanding.

Manila and Singapore – Philippine Airlines is on an ambitious digital transformation journey to ensure that interactions with its passengers are not only seamless but also deeply personalised. The carrier is focused on creating experiences, fostering relationships, and being there for its passengers every step of the way.

To achieve this, Philippine Airlines will deploy an advanced customer profiling and personalization solution, Amadeus Traveler DNA. The carrier will benefit from real-time, comprehensive traveler intelligence to understand, predict, and personalize sales, service, and end-to-end customer experience.

Traveler DNA automatically integrates valuable insights and personalization logic into the airline’s business operations for relevant traveler communications. This gives Philippine Airlines the intelligence needed to offer its passengers a smooth and tailored journey every time they travel.

These personalization capabilities will also enable Philippine Airlines to improve customer retention by minimizing the impact of travel disruptions with proactive customer care. The carrier can also increase revenue by upselling relevant offers tailored to its customers’ needs and preferences. Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction are also improved by enabling the airline to anticipate and respond to the needs of valuable customers with personalized services.

The solution is also integrated into Philippine Airlines’ Altéa Passenger Servicing System (PSS) which allows for consistency across all channels and touchpoints, including airline agent, travel agent, and online.

Aurea Patria Vidal, Chief Information Office, Philippine Airlines says, “Our vision for the future is powered by innovation, data, and the incredible capabilities of Traveler DNA. With this technology – we stand at the threshold of a new era – an enhanced digital era that promises to enhance our ability to know and understand our customers on a deeper level. By harnessing the power of Traveler DNA, we aim to go beyond the conventional boundaries of air travel. It’s about understanding the unique preferences, habits, and aspirations of our passengers, and using that knowledge to create tailor-made experiences that resonate with them. As we navigate this digital frontier, we must acknowledge that the true magic of Traveler DNA lies in its ability to humanize technology. It’s not about replacing human touch but enhancing it, making our services more intuitive, more responsive, and more attuned to the diverse needs of our passengers. We are pleased to continue innovating with Amadeus to make the travel experience better for our passengers.”

Jonthan Tong, SVP, Head of Southeast Asia, India Subcontinent & Greater China, Amadeus, says, “Traveler DNA among the continuous innovations we are deploying through our joint digital lab with Philippine Airlines. The importance of providing a complete picture of travelers so airlines can offer them a more personalized experience cannot be understated. We are proud to work with Philippine Airlines to improve the customer experience while delivering on the carriers’ vision to put its passengers at the heart of everything they do. Amadeus’ Traveler DNA solution will ignite incredible personalization opportunities across the entire journey – from search to the moments of truth.”

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