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New E-Visa bringing superyachts to Indonesia

Indonesia is now open to international yachts, with a strict protocol for entry.

BALI, INDONESIA – Superyacht waiting to cruise Indonesia will be delighted to learn of the new E-visa in Indonesia. The new Visa is for 60 days and extendable up until 180 days (6 months), single entry only.

“The process now makes it easy for crew to leave / return to the yacht and for all to fly in or out. All our clients need is the PCR test showing ‘negative’, and there is no Quarantine. Now there is no need to go to the Embassy and lose valuable time… and we can do it for you”, reports Thomas Taatjes of Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS).

Taatjes met with the local government (Bupati) beforehand to seek permission for a visit from the 80m luxury superyacht M/Y AMEVI and permission was granted. APS Indonesia made the protocols for COVID19 clearances which they believed were best appropriate. These protocols were approved by Belitung and are now being used as an example for all other yachts and agents to follow.

Indonesia is now open to international yachts, with a strict protocol for entry. There are now new rules and policies related to foreign visit visas with Indonesia opening its borders to accept yachts for extensive stays; however, only one type of visa is possible and this must be obtained prior to coming to Indonesia.  The visa application process uses an online system and this process must be carried out by a guarantor (agent). 

The visit by M.Y. AMEVI was deemed as a trial for Indonesia in welcoming yachts during this time of Coronavirus. Once the process was completed (without a hitch), the government released a letter stating: “Now all ports in Indonesia are open for yachts, provided they follow the protocol as per those set out by AMEVI and Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia”.

Visas were granted to crew in various embassies around the world including the USA, England, Spain, Greece, Thailand and Australia. All crew flew in and/or arrived onboard with these correct visas. The local newspaper reported the superyacht from Singapore docked around the waters of Lengkuas Island, Sijuk District, Belitung Regency after obtaining permission from the authorities.

“Some crew members have now gone on leave in Bali and other places in Indonesia and around the world, reported Taatjes. PCR tests were done for sign off crew in Jakarta in 6 hours turnaround in order to meet their outbound flights and airline/country of destination requirements”, added Taatjes, noting local government and people were very happy to have
AMEVI in Belitung which helps greatly in supporting their tourism industry.

“The Crew were also happy, reporting they enjoyed the smooth operation of the APS Indo team, the beautiful offshore islets and beaches of Belitung and the friendly local people and ground support personnel of APS Indonesia”, he added. “The crew also noted the ‘crew change’ was even smoother than pre-Covid days!”

“To fly out there is no need to show anything, you just need to check with the airlines and the country flying to as to what the requirements are. Usually they need a PCR with validity of 72 hours or less. In Jakarta we can do PCR test results in six (6) hours”, Taatjes added.

The Electronic Visa (Evisa) application process uses an online system and this process must be carried out by a guarantor (agent). Taatjes noted APS can provide details/pro-formas and will require the following documents:

  • A statement letter in English stating that you are willing to enter quarantine and/or treatment at your own expense (should it be required), carry out health monitoring and that you have health insurance;
  • Proof of availability of funds of at least US $10,000 for your cost of living while in Indonesia;
  • A Health Certificate from a recognized laboratory stating you are free of Covid-19.

APS Indonesia founder, Captain Jimmy Blee, is spreading the message, “APS will be sending regular updates to all our friends and clients as conditions change in Indonesia, over and above what is widely reported”, adding: “These uncertain days require strength and hope and a profound humanity for others. We are delighted to share this good news to all”.

APS is the leading superyacht management company in Indonesia, handling many yachts over 95 meters, the largest ones being Octopus and Ocean Victory 120m and-146m respectively. They now look forward to welcoming new and returning clients to Indonesia.