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Liaoyuan, a developing city with smart charm

As the cloud computing centre for Northeast China is located here, Liaoyuan has the priority and material basis for establishing a "Smart City".

LIAOYUAN – Liaoyuan is a pearl beside the Liao River of Northeast China, a prefectural-level city which was once an imperial hunting ground during the Qing Dynasty, known as “Shengjing Paddock” and “Royal Spotted Deer Park”, with rich mineral, forest and land resources. Nowadays, this “China charm city”, located in the economic circle of “Changchun-Shenyang”, is making a great development in industry transformation and upgrade, new materials, new energy, pharmaceuticals and health care, equipment manufacturing, metallurgy, building materials, textile and hosiery… six alternative industries flourish. Meanwhile, a “Smart City” is also springing up from the earth in Liaoyuan.

The concept “Smart City” is a part of IBM‘s “Smart Planet” idea, a new way for urban operation, which includes urban design, health care network, resources management, urban service, urban strategic investments, etc.

Since the “Smart City” project started, project team members never stopped the pace; projects that big cities would not dare to try blossomed here. Inches of Liaoyuan’s land generated tons of 3D images displayed on the emergency command center’s monitor, it clearly reflects all structures from the underground to above. “Grid inspectors” flash on the monitor, providing on-site assistance for the area where the inspectors need respond. Pieces of useful information are gathered into a 2D bar code, which can be accessed by Liaoyuan’s residents. Multiple functions allocate into a small resident card, which makes it a personal assistant. Each resident here has become a city manager, to identify, upload, solve problems, and govern a smart Liaoyuan with everyone’s wisdom.

In addition to the image of cutting-edge digital technology, there are many different identities for Liaoyuan. Liaoyuan has a rich cultural heritage, the Northeast’s largest Taoist temple — “Kuixinglou” is here. “Hometown of Chinese pipa” and “Hometown of Chinese peasant painting” are both Liaoyuan’s other names. In recent years, Liaoyuan expressed a big passion on economic development, a hot spot for business establishment or investment. Liaoyuan introduced a variety of ways to carry out investment to accelerate the transformation of the city’s development, which opened a way of innovation and uniqueness. Dear friends, when you come to Liaoyuan, you will definitely love it here, for the picturesque natural scenery, for vibrant entrepreneurial passion and harmony in the light of “smart”.

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