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Leading Yachts of the World gears up for Asia Pacific launch by opening offices in key destinations

New travel tech brand expands Asian footprint in key strategic market entry points: Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore and Hong Kong

New travel technology brand Leading Yachts of the World has opened offices in key strategic markets Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore and Hong Kong, in preparation for its bid to disrupt the yachting, travel trade and hospitality industries in Asia. With its new, fully automated digital travel ecosystem, propelled by proprietary technology from AVA Software, Leading Yachts of the World is poised for its Asia Pacific debut in Q2 2020.
Leading Yachts of the World CEO and co-founder Anthony Brisacq is one of the world’s foremost experts in technology-based solutions for the yachting and hospitality industries. Speaking of his company’s expanding footprint in Asia ahead of its launch in the region, he said:  “The main factor that compelled us to create Leading Yachts of the World is the need to have a credible online entity that provides access to yachting experiences seamlessly, using a cloud-based platform where the Hospitality and Travel industries meet the Yachting market.”

He added: “We then realized that Yachting and Hospitality are competing in the same space. By linking these two sectors, we are able to create important collaborative opportunities for our members and partners to benefit the global HNWI client base. By adopting our application, our Hospitality industry members gain a revenue channel, our Yachting Partners win business and bookings and the customer, the end-user, wins a safe, efficient, reliably fully automated service experience.”

He explained that Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong are three of the most strategically important markets for market entry in Asia, hence the reason for opening the company’s first offices in the region in these countries.

“Phuket as a yachting destination is one of the most developed, mature and sophisticated in Asia, whereas key decision makers and high net worth individuals are concentrated in cities such as Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong, so it is imperative that my team and I have a presence in these cities,” he added.

The platform is being rolled out to the travel and hospitality industries in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as in European destinations such as the French Riviera, Monaco, Corsica and Sardinia in Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia, in Q2 2020, with more international destinations set to follow.

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