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Easy-to-use and interactive social interface

Free listing for holiday rentals property owners

Holiday rentals company, HouseTrip have recently launched their new website, HouseTrip welcomes any user to register their rental (B&B, guestroom, flat, villa, castle etc). Unlike other holiday rentals websites, HouseTrip lets you register your property for free. HouseTrip operates on an easy-to-use and interactive social interface allowing hosts to list their properties, post photos, answer questions, view the profiles of potential guests and take bookings through the direct booking model.

Designed to make renting out your property hassle-free, HouseTrip hosts are empowered to market their rentals in innovative ways and they can post unlimited high-quality photos to showcase their properties and maximise exposure. Arnaud Bertrand, Founder of HouseTrip is very excited, “just as Google transformed the way we search for information and eBay opened myriad new possibilities in auctions, HouseTrip will revolutionise the holiday rentals industry and set a new standard that will change the way people travel”.

HouseTrip boasts many user-friendly features. Hosts can interact with guests on the questions and answers ‘Wall’ tab and view feedback of their properties on the ‘Reviews’ tab. By adding their properties to specific ‘groups’ featured on the site, hosts can specifically target different organisations and communities (along with individual guests) to book their place. This can help to drive more bookings for their properties. An industry first, HouseTrip even allows hosts to auction their rentals in real time to match demand.

HouseTrip provides hosts with a free Property Management System allowing them to manage bookings, define booking conditions and calculate revenues. HouseTrip also streamlines the booking acceptance process for hosts. After a guest makes a booking request, the host can then view the guest profile before deciding whether to accept or decline the booking.

“HouseTrip is a one-stop solution for property owners to market their properties effectively. Listing properties on classified ads websites costs almost €300 a year. With HouseTrip, there is no need to pay a listing fee” says Arnaud. ”HouseTrip uses web 2.0 tools to enable hosts to advertise their properties and directly target guests who are looking to stay at a place like theirs, whether they are located in exciting cities such as London, Paris and Berlin or quaint cottages in the countryside”.