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“DECKS Tokyo Beach” – Commercial complex most popular in Tokyo’s Odaiba, representative tourist spot in Japan

Three most popular eating places at DECKS and "Daiba Memorial Tree," top illumination spot in Tokyo.

TOKYO – Of tourist destinations in Japan, Tokyo enjoys outstanding popularity, attracting many travelers. Only about 15 minutes away from Haneda Airport by car, “Odaiba” in Tokyo is an area popular among foreign visitors. “DECKS Tokyo Beach”, a commercial complex, occupies the best location in Odaiba. It is a large entertainment mall, where both the young and the old can enjoy eating out, shopping and many other attractions all day, rain or shine. Its vast variety of eating places — three of them introduced below — are particularly popular among tourists.

1. Odaiba Takoyaki Museum
This museum, opened on November 6, 2010, is a food theme park specializing in takoyaki (dumpling-like pastry stuffed with diced octopus), one of Japan’s leading “cheap delicacies.” Located in “Daiba Icchome Shopping Street,” which reproduces Japan’s traditional working-class neighborhood, five popular takoyaki shops from Osaka — home to takoyaki — sell 30 varieties of tasty takoyaki. The museum also features shops selling takoyaki-related goods.

2. Tsukiji Tama Sushi
The Daiba branch of “Tsukiji Tama Sushi,” in business since 1924, offers sushi, which is also widely popular overseas. Its “all-you-can-eat” course allows guests to enjoy salmon, tuna and scallops (favorites among foreign guests) as well as expensive sea urchins and salmon roe to their heart’s content. The menu is available in English, Chinese and Korean.

3. Khazana
Indian restaurant “Khazana,” in business for more than 30 years, offers authentic Indian cuisine at reasonable prices. All dishes are “halal,” or in accordance with Islamic dietary rules, allowing Muslim diners to enjoy their meals without worry.

Illuminated “Daiba Memorial Tree”

Visitors can enjoy the sight of this 20-meter-high live tree — the tallest decorated live tree in Tokyo — illuminated by about 120,000 LED lamps through March 16, 2014 (Sunday). This rare seasonal illumination spot in Tokyo commands the views of “Tokyo Tower,” “Rainbow Bridge” and “Tokyo Skytree” simultaneously. The LEDs change their colors every 15 minutes as music plays. It is also a destination included in many organized tours.

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