Latest News introduces a premium concierge service for the business and leisure traveler
Service is provided via live telephone consultation introduces a premium concierge service for the business and leisure traveler, a NJ based travel service provider announced an affordable Personal Concierge Service for Business Class, First Class and Leisure travelers. To serve all travel needs, the unique and specialized service, provided via live telephone consultation, provides a knowledgeable concierge to guide each customer through the dizzying array of travel options. Very modestly priced, the concierge services will range from:

  • special promotions and incentives
  • package deals
  • best practices for international travel
  • Visa services
  • Emergency services.

After serving over 500,000 satisfied bargain-loving international travelers, customer feedback prompted this New Jersey based company to take customer service to the next level.

When asked about the new formalized service, President, Sonny Chatrath said: “We found our consistently personalized service to be a differentiator in the marketplace. This is a crowded market and we are one of several hundred on-line travel sites. But we are one of very, very few who maintain a vibrant and active staff of concierge personnel who are available to assist our travelers 24 hours a day. While our website is very user-friendly, our customers who require more sophisticated travel packages benefit from the one to one conversation. Our customers clearly articulate their needs and preferences and our concierge provides a road map to the best travel program”. Chatrath continued, “An Air-Save concierge is a travel expert; trained to make your next business or pleasure trip, a comfortable, hassle-free, enjoyable experience.”

Travel in Style
Let’s Personal Concierge walk you through the range of possibilities for Business Class and First Class tickets on your chosen airline. has preferred contracts with major airlines including Virgin Atlantic, Continental, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa, Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Philippine Airlines which allow them to offer extremely attractive and exclusive deals on Business Class and First Class airfares.

Exotic Cruises and Custom Tour Packages
Besides tickets, the specialized Concierge Services can also arrange for relaxing cruises to exotic, dream destinations in Asia, Europe, Alaska and the Caribbean. If a custom vacation package is what you’re eyeing, can work with you to make that dream trip a reality. From an exciting safari in Kenya to a quiet sojourn in Australia to a thrilling trek in the Himalayas, the Personal Concierge will work with you to customize exclusive holiday packages based on your preferences.

“Everything is possible. All our customers have to do is tell us,” says Chatrath, who hails from Agra, the city of the magnificent Taj Mahal. “We can create a customized package down to the hotel you’d like to stay in and the restaurant you wish to eat in.” So, whether you are a casual traveler looking to explore new vistas in style or a businessman itching to conquer new markets, let’s Affordable Personal Concierge service guide you through the maze of choices to get you the Best Deal in the market for a Business Class or First Class ticket, cruise or a custom vacation package.

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