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Sports Tourism

Robust growth in New Zealand’s sports tourism market anticipated to reach $4.58 million in 2022

Sports Tourism

The New Zealand sports tourism market is poised for an 8% CAGR, fueled by government initiatives and technological advancements, serving as a significant economic driver.

The New Zealand sports tourism market size is anticipated to reach US$ 4,585 million in 2022. As per the report, sales are forecast to increase at a robust 8% CAGR. Total sales in the New Zealand sports tourism market represent ~2%-6% of the global sports tourism market.

Businesses are assisting customers with post-COVID innovation by using QR codes and the NZ COVID Tracer, which allows us to track the contacts of anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19. The nation can accomplish this quickly and effectively by keeping track of people’s movements. We can stop the disease from spreading further the quicker we identify contacts.

The New Zealand sports tourism market serves a diverse group of visitors who travel to various locations around the globe to take part in and watch sporting events. Travel, lodging, and food and drink are additional expenses for tourists.

As sports tourism encourages the New Zealand sports tourism market expansion of the tourism supply chain, which results in an increase in the nation’s GDP, this has a positive impact on the economy.

In order to boost revenue from their tourism industries and thereby fuel the New Zealand sports tourism market growth, several governments are concentrating on promoting sports tourism.

2017 to 2021 New Zealand sports tourism market outlook compared to 2022 to 2032 forecast

Sports tourism is one of the most contributing sectors to the economy of New Zealand. New Zealand is an island country formed of two mainland islands which is further divided into 700 smaller islands.

New Zealand has been a prominent name in the world of sports and games. Most of its sports events are mainly influenced by the British during the period of colonization. The most popular game played in New Zealand is Rugby Union. Apart from it, cricket and netball are also played quite widely in this country.

New Zealand’s rugby team (All Blacks) is ranked number 1 or considered the top best team in the world. So, naturally, it attracts people all over the world to see their matches, especially their dance before the match popularly known as ‘Haka’, which is the traditional dance of the Maori tribe. Many sports enthusiasts and admirers around the globe come to watch these eye-catching events.

As per the FMI New Zealand sports tourism market statistics, recent technological developments have had much of an impact on the New Zealand sports tourism market, and they most definitely have. Due to the ability to buy sports tickets online through various applications and websites, people now have access to resources that were not accessible ten years ago constructively impacting the New Zealand sports tourism market’s future trends.

People are also better prepared for the cost and time needed to attend the events because they are more aware of the dates, locations, and schedules of the games and competitions. In fact, it is currently the New Zealand sports tourism market’s fastest-growing sector, bringing in billions of dollars annually. In the upcoming years, the New Zealand sports tourism market trends are anticipated to intensify.

What is the key trends driving the New Zealand sports tourism market?

Sports are an intrinsic part of the economic and social life of the communities of New Zealand boosting the New Zealand sports tourism market trends. It supports the GDP as sports tourism is an established segment of the tourism industry.

New Zealand’s sports are unique and quite different from others because they always blend their sports activities with its ethnic culture, for example- the traditional war dance of the Maori tribe has been adopted by the rugby team symbolizing their strength and unity.

It was later on adopted by other New Zealand teams during their international matches. This uniquely seen event encourages tourists to visit and experience it in person. This leads to an increase in tourists and hence boosts the New Zealand sports tourism market growth as well as New Zealand sports tourism market opportunities.

The number of matches played by the New Zealand teams has played during the historic period has increased leading to rising in the number of tourists visiting New Zealand with an HCAGR of 7.7%, which results in an escalation of New Zealand sports tourism market key trends and opportunities.

Increasing recreational activities expected to boost the sports tourism industry in New Zealand

Most of the fans not only visit New Zealand to watch and cheer for their team but also to see their favorite player playing. To maintain their high spirits, organizations conduct various activities like organizing gameplay between the players and the fans, taking them a round guide to places carrying historical importance to sports, and boosting the New Zealand sports tourism market’s’s future trends.

In New Zealand, people believe in strong participation in sports and recreation, the agencies can provide special offers to the tourists and indulge them in various activities depending on their age category. This will bring out other tourists’ attention and them along with their family and friends will contact these travel agencies. Hence, building up the tourist visiting rate resulted in the New Zealand sports tourism market trends and forecasts.

Country Insights

How are Government initiatives boosting the sports tourism industry in New Zealand?

Government Initiatives Expected to Boost the Tourism Market in New Zealand

As per FMI, sales in the New Zealand sports tourism market are expected to grow at a CAGR of 8% over the forecast period.

Sports tourism is one of the fastest-growing segments in the tourism sector. Many tourists are fascinated by sports activities during their trips whether sports are the main objective of travel or not skyrocketing the New Zealand sports tourism market opportunities. New Zealand has a long-standing reputation as a ‘social laboratory’ due to its historically radical approaches to public policy. In particular, the changes after 1984 represent some of the most wide-scale reforms undertaken by a modern Western government.

Its new strategic idea for sports supports the policy prescription of rationalization/integration through various initiatives. Precisely, the tactic prescribes more directed funding, stating that future allocations will be ‘made on the likelihood of achieving a return on investment’ (Sport and Recreation New Zealand, 2002b).

SPARC (Sport and Recreation New Zealand) has also distinguished seven sports as ‘significant sports’, eliminated at the community level (formerly administered by local government), and strategies to pilot a new contract for regional sports trusts. While these changes have met with significant public criticism it impacts the New Zealand sports tourism market growth.

Category based Insights

Which tourism type is the most preferred?

Individuals prefer active Sports Tourism in New Zealand

Based on the sports tourism type, active sports tourism holds the maximum number of New Zealand sports tourism market share. New Zealand sports tourism market growth can be attributed to a growing preference among millennials and younger adults as they prefer watching popular games known, watched, and played by all. Active sports also include sports events that attract huge crowds from around the world.

What type of booking channel is the most prominent channel through the forecast period?

Online booking is more preferred by Tourists

Sports Tourism has grown in popularity as a result of its performance throughout the period with which it can be booked and made available through online platforms. Tourists prefer to use an online booking or mobile application platform since it provides for a direct, hassle-free digital transaction, as well as quick tracking and enhanced security.

Travelers may use the internet to search for and compare information on vacation locations, accommodations, restaurants, and other aspects, making online booking a more popular approach around the world escalating the New Zealand sports tourism market trends.

Which age group is more likely to Travel?

The popularity of New Zealand Sports Tourism among Middle-aged People Will Remain High

In terms of the age group for the New Zealand sports tourism market, the number of tourists in the 26-35-year-old group is anticipated to rise considerably since the people in this age category are people who are high-spirited about sports and travel across places to see and cheer when their team plays.

Consumers in this segment place a high value on recreational and sporty activities. Moreover, they are inclined to visit stadiums conducting the game events.

What Tour Type is More Preferred by the Sports-based Tourist?

Package travel is mostly preferred by the consumers

As for tour types in the New Zealand sports tourism market, package travel is regularly chosen by the tourist as the tour operators offer numerous package travel tours by even offering customization in the tours.

Whereas in the package tours, the operators even provide some services which are not been included in other types such as accommodations, heavy discounts on package tours, etc. affecting the New Zealand sports tourism market key trends and opportunities.

Competitive Landscape

Leading New Zealand sports tourism market players operating and other country-based companies operating in New Zealand are focusing on expansion and new to expand their business across islands in New Zealand.

Recent Development:

Investment: In February 2022, US-based QuintEvents made a significant investment in Sportsnet Holidays. The newly formed partnership will allow Sportsnet Holiday to broaden the offering of top sporting events and travel packages through Sportsnet’s long-term relationships with the world’s biggest sporting events.

Acquisition: On June 6, 2022, New Zealand’s biggest travel distributor Williment Travel Group Ltd. Was acquired by Sydney-based travel distribution company Helloworld Travel Ltd.

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