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Sports Tourism

HK Express and On partner to promote sports tourism in Asia

Sports Tourism

HK Express collaborates with Swiss sports brand On to blend travel with sports, encouraging active exploration across Asia.

HONG KONG – Sports enthusiasts will never forget to bring along their sport shoes and workout clothes while travelling to enjoy the scenery along way and feel the pulse of each destination. This has formed a new travel trend that blends sports with exploration. Noticing this emerging trend, HK Express has specially partnered with On, a world-renowned Swiss professional sports brand, to provide customers with unique travel experiences and information, building a holistic travel and lifestyle ecosystem.

There is more than one way to explore the world. Whether it’s jogging through streets and alleys or joining local marathons, HK Express can fulfil our customers’ desire to “Gotta Go” through our network of flights across Asia and discover destinations through sports. On also embraces this spirit of active exploration. By creating an engaging, cloud-like running experience with innovative technology, On empowers enthusiasts to pursue their dreams of athletic adventures. As similarly youthful and passionate brands dedicated to travel and fitness, HK Express and On naturally resonate with one another in their shared goal of making sports tourism more accessible.

At the beginning of the year, HK Express announces a series of collaborations with On to embark on a new journey of “Travel x Sports”. In addition to sponsoring air tickets for runners to participate in the Taoyuan Half Marathon held in Taiwan last month, HK Express will continue sponsoring runners to participate in marathons across Asia in the coming year, allowing them to explore these wonderful cities apart from participating in races. In addition, On will give away their best-selling running shoes to HK Express customers for three consecutive months, and invite KOLs to share their overseas running and racing experiences on social media.

Eric Thain, Director, Customer & Brand of HK Express, said: “We have noticed more people exploring cities through sports in recent years for unique travel experiences. There are also professional or amateur runners travelling overseas, especially to Japan and Taiwan, to participate in marathons. By partnering with professional running shoe brand On, we can leverage our extensive flight network across Japan, Taiwan and Asia, as well as On’s innovative patented running shoes, to jointly promote Asian travel and sports culture and pave a new ground for sports tourism. Looking ahead, HK Express will continue to drive travellers to ‘Gotta Go’, while collaborating with other synergistic brands to expand our travel lifestyle ecosystem.” 

Ryan Lam, Sales Lead of On Hong Kong, said: “Running is getting popular recently in Hong Kong. More and more Hong Kong people travel abroad to explore different cities, and participate the oversea running events and marathons. As an emerging sports brand, On has committed to promote the running culture. The products range from casual running to marathon, and are suitable for daily wear. This cooperation with Hong Kong Express, with its network across Asia, especially Taiwan and Japan. These locations are the easiest ways for runners to register the competition, hopes to promote the travel culture of Hong Kong people and combine running and travelling as a new experience.”

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