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Tourism Australia launches ‘Australia Recommends’ list for 2024

  • Great Otway National Park
  • King Stingray Uluru
  • Curtis Stone Lindsay Price - Daintree 1
  • Teigan Nash - Cradle Mountain 2

Tourism Australia introduces ‘Australia Recommends’: 15 top destinations for 2024, endorsed by famous Australian personalities.

Tourism Australia has teamed up with well-known Aussies to launch its new annual travel list, Australia Recommends: 15 Places to Come & Say G’day in 2024.

Inspiring Indian travellers to experience Australia like a local, the destinations in the list are based on Tourism Australia’s top performing social media posts, and endorsed by Australian talent like Rose Byrne, King Stingray, Magdalena Roze, Curtis Stone and more.

Tourism Australia’s social media channels reach over 19 million global followers, and so the Australia Recommends list is an insight into where visitors from around the world are eager to explore. Whether it’s discovering First Nations culture at Uluru, accessible experiences in the Blue Mountains, or eco tours in the Daintree Rainforest.

Partnering with well-known Australian talent, (many part of Tourism Australia’s Friends of Australia advocacy program) all 15 destinations on the list are endorsed by famous Aussies who have shared travel anecdotes and memories from their own holidays. Nishant Kashikar, Country Manager – India & Gulf said collaborating with well-known Australians was key to ensuring experiences featured on the list were truly ‘Aussie-approved’.

No one knows a destination better than its locals. This is why travellers consider local recommendations as a sure way to have the most authentic experience of a place. Given this, we got Australian personalities who are most loved globally to share their top experiences and travel tips with ‘Australia Recommends’ so visitors can truly explore Australia like a local.”, said Nishant Kashikar.

“This list comes at a time when Indians are drawing up their travel goals and bucket lists for 2024. Our aim is to spotlight the wonders of Australia as suggested by locals that truly makes it a destination like no other. We hope this will inspire Indians to Come and Say G’day, and experience the legendary Aussie way of life.”

Roy Kellaway from King Stingray, the Yolŋu surf rock band from Arnhem Land, who last year recorded the Down Under (Under One Sun) track for Tourism Australia’s Come and Say G’day international campaign, was thrilled to share his memorable trip to Australia’s Red Centre as part of the list.

We love the chance to shine a spotlight on our wonderful country, so we’re stoked to be involved in the launch of Australia Recommends. There are so many must-see destinations in our local Northern Territory, but for us, Uluru is top of the list – it just takes your breath away. It’s the heart of Australia, and offers the unique opportunity to hear stories and learn about culture from the local Anangu people.”, said Roy Kellaway.

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