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Empowering Women in Tourism: A commitment to inclusivity

The speech highlighted the Philippines’ dedication to gender equality in tourism, showcasing efforts towards a more inclusive industry and celebrating progress at the PATA International Conference on Women in Travel in Bohol.

The speech delivered at the PATA International Conference on Women in Travel, by Atty. Mae Elaine T. Bathan, Undersecretary, Legal and Special Concerns and Chief of Staff, Office of the Secretary and Chairperson, Gender and Development Focal Point System of the Department of Tourism, Philippines, hosted on the beautiful island of Bohol, Philippines, emphasized the critical importance of gender equality and inclusivity within the tourism industry. Acknowledging the presence of esteemed guests and officials, the speaker warmly welcomed participants to a forum aimed at celebrating and advancing women’s roles in tourism—a sector pivotal to national economies across the globe. The Philippines’ dedication to gender and development was highlighted, noting its significant progress as evidenced by its impressive ranking in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report.

The conference served as a platform to discuss the strides made towards gender equality and the continuous efforts to foster an environment free from discrimination within the tourism sector. A comprehensive six-year gender and development agenda was introduced, focusing on eliminating discrimination and promoting inclusivity at all levels. Additionally, the appointment of tourism works officers across the country marked a significant step towards implementing sustainable, inclusive, and gender-sensitive programs, benefiting not only women but also children and the LGBTQIA+ communities.

The speaker emphasized the Philippines’ role as a leader in gender and development within the ASEAN National Tourism Organization and the APEC Tourism Working Group, reaffirming the country’s commitment to advancing gender equality. Participants were encouraged to engage in discussions about challenges, best practices, and opportunities to enhance gender equality in tourism, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable industry.

The warm hospitality of the Filipino people, alongside the rich cultural and gastronomical offerings of the Philippines, was highlighted as part of the enriching experience awaiting the conference’s international guests. The speech concluded with a call to embrace and celebrate gender equality in tourism, envisioning a future where the industry not only supports but thrives on inclusivity and equality, making a meaningful difference worldwide.

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