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Maldives surpasses 500,000 tourists in 2024, China leads in visitor arrivals


The Maldives marks a significant tourism milestone, crossing 500,000 arrivals in 2024, with China leading as the top source market.

The Maldives has achieved a significant milestone in its tourism industry, recording over half a million tourist arrivals just by the first quarter of 2024. This achievement underlines the island nation’s successful rebound in the tourism sector, attracting a total of 513,377 visitors as of March 17th.

China, known for its burgeoning travel appetite, has topped the list of source markets with 60,699 arrivals. This reflects the growing interest among Chinese travelers in the unique island experiences offered by the Maldives. Russia followed closely, contributing 52,385 visitors, showcasing the Maldives’ appeal to a diverse international audience.

Italy and the United Kingdom also demonstrated their love for the Maldivian sun, sand, and sea, with 49,480 and 46,849 visitors, respectively. These numbers underscore the European market’s strong ties and preference for the Maldivian tourism offerings.

The Maldives welcomed significant arrivals from other key markets as well, including Germany, India, France, the United States, Poland, and Switzerland, indicating a broad international appeal.

The average stay of 7.8 days further highlights the destination’s ability to captivate tourists, offering them an unparalleled holiday experience that combines luxury, adventure, and relaxation.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to the Maldives’ enduring allure as a top-tier holiday destination and its effective strategies to attract global tourists. As the Maldives continues to welcome visitors from across the globe, it cements its status as a premier choice for travelers seeking an idyllic escape in 2024.

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