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Sanya’s strategic tourism push in Singapore builds bridges for 2024

Albert Yip, Director-general of Sanya Tourism Board delivering a speech at the tourism promotion event in Singapore

Sanya Tourism Board and partners promote “Beautiful Sanya” in Singapore, leveraging aviation links and visa exemptions to boost tourism. The initiative aims to attract Singaporeans with Sanya’s tropical appeal and expand international reach, supported by convenient payment solutions and global marketing efforts.

From March 19th to 22nd, the Sanya Tourism Board, in collaboration with tourism-related enterprises from the Sanya Economic Circle, launches a series of tourism marketing and promotion activities in Singapore for the year 2024. Through events such as Sanya tourism promotion events, business visits, and discussions on air routes, a bridge for tourism cooperation and exchange between the two destinations was constructed, leveraging Singapore’s status as a global aviation hub. This initiative aims to narrate the story of “Beautiful Sanya” to the international market and expand Sanya’s overseas customer base.

Singapore, being a vital aviation hub globally, serves as a crucial country along the “Maritime Silk Road” and a key inbound market for Sanya. Last December, the successful launch of the “Phnom Penh-Sanya-Singapore” route under the Hainan Free Trade Port established a direct link between two significant points in Southeast Asia. Starting in February this year, the mutual visa exemption between China and Singapore has greatly facilitated bilateral travel, opening doors for cooperation in tourism, education, technology, and more.

In January and February this year, overnight arrivals of Singaporean tourists in Sanya increased by 661% compared to the same period last year. In the eyes of the Singaporean market, Sanya’s comfortable tropical climate, beautiful sunny beaches, diverse water activities, and cost-effective tourism products are highly appealing. Furthermore, Sanya has capitalized on Singapore’s global aviation hub and the visa-free entry policy for tourists from 59 countries under the Hainan Free Trade Port to establish closer ties with the international market in various aspects such as tourism consumption, trade, and cultural exchanges. This effort aims to create multi-destination travel products in Sanya, attracting international tourists from all continents and bringing new opportunities.

From the event onsite, the participating tourism-related enterprises from the Sanya Economic Circle cover various fields including hotel accommodation, transportation, high-end yachts, and wedding tourism. Sanya Tourism Board is dedicated to building a platform for friendly cooperation with foreign partners and deepening international cultural and tourism exchanges. Through closer connections with Singapore’s tourism industry, the Sanya Tourism Board aims to reach more overseas target groups, convey the latest tourism product information from Sanya to the global market, and assist enterprises in the Sanya Economic Circle in better understanding the characteristics of target markets. They will optimize and upgrade tourism products accurately according to market demand to attract more overseas tourists to travel to Sanya.

To facilitate consumption for inbound tourists and expand overseas customer markets, Hainan Province has launched the ” Hainan Safe Pay APP”, which focuses on addressing payment inconveniences faced by foreign nationals visiting China, allowing them to conduct traditional card payments without the need to download any additional software. Leveraging various channels and platforms, the Sanya Tourism Board will vigorously promote this convenient payment method domestically and internationally. Additionally, consultation and complaint channels have been opened through the “VisitSanya” account on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to safeguard the consumer rights of overseas tourists and enhance their willingness to consume.

At the tourism promotion event, representatives from over 30 tourism-related enterprises from Singapore and media representatives attended. They engaged in in-depth discussions with representatives from enterprises in the Sanya Economic Circle, exploring the new face of Sanya’s tourism products and discussing the future of tourism cooperation. As a member of the Silk Road Tourism Cities Alliance, Sanya will continue to strengthen tourism linkage exchanges with destinations along the “Maritime Silk Road.” Next, the Sanya Tourism Board will not only conduct tourism marketing and promotion activities in countries and regions along the Silk Road but also further explore inbound tourism markets by planning visits to the Middle East, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and other places to attract more overseas tourists to visit Sanya and promote the accelerated development of the inbound tourism market.

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