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A new Ginza Hotel opens with direct Access to Haneda and Narita Airports

The “Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-chome,” opening on May 30 near Higashi-ginza Station, offers 273 rooms, direct airport access, luxury shopping proximity, Yoshoku cuisine, and a blend of retro and modern design.

The 273-room “Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-chome” opens on 30 May near Higashi-Ginza Station, in Tokyo, Japan. The theatre Kabukiza and Tsukiji Outer Market are an easy-walking distance away, along with Ginza-dori, the avenue lined with luxury brand shops and major department stores. The hotel is home to a large common bathing area and a restaurant serving “Yoshoku,” a type of cuisine that developed uniquely in Japan based on Western-style cuisine.

The interior of the hotel has a design that coexists with retro and modern, with rooms with bold and vivid designs and colors, a restaurant that serves Western food, one of Japan’s unique food cultures, as well as a bar, lounge, and large public bath. I will prepare.

It is convenient for sightseeing as it is close to Kabukiza and Tsukiji Outer Market.

The hotel is approximately a 3-minute walk from Higashi-Ginza Station, and is conveniently located for transportation from Haneda Airport and Narita Airport by train without having to transfer.

This is a new “Ginza trip” for those who don’t want to force their style to conform to something else, but instead seek their own unique travel style without being pretentious or pretentious.

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