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Thailand’s MICE Industry: Aiming for global business events leadership and sustainability

Thailand’s MICE industry is poised for a significant rebound in 2024, driven by the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau’s (TCEB) ambitious “TCEB Go” strategy. The strategy aims to attract 160 million MICE travelers to Thailand by 2027, generating over 945 billion Thai baht in revenue.

Trends presented by David Barrett and TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific received a special invitation to the President’s Office at TCEB, where we meet Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya. Khun Chiruit, President of TCEB gave us an update on Thailand’s business events sector and the outlook for 2024.

TCEB’s 2023 marketing campaign, “Thailand MICE To Meet You,” has played a pivotal role in boosting the MICE industry, as Thailand extends its warm welcome to the world through four strategic approaches. Khun Chiruit highlighted the organization’s commitment to supporting Thailand’s economic growth by fostering both domestic and international MICE events. Through collaborations with public and private sector alliances, TCEB has crafted a comprehensive strategy comprising four main pillars:

Thailand as Global MICE Leader: TCEB is positioning Thailand as a top-tier destination for world-class MICE events, contributing significantly to the country’s economy. This involves attracting international events and collaborating with government agencies for major conventions.

Creating Destination Competitiveness Through Diverse Local Identity: TCEB collaborates with local communities to enhance MICE capabilities across various regions, promoting unique local experiences and festivals, thereby diversifying MICE destinations.

Executing Innovative MICE Solutions: TCEB is dedicated to improving Thailand’s MICE industry’s global competitiveness through digital innovation, fostering digital skills and enhancing efficiency with initiatives like the MICE Intelligence Centre and Thailand MICE One Stop Service.

Building an Agile and High-Performance Organization: TCEB is transforming into an agile and high-performing organization by aligning work processes, emphasizing professional and ethical development, and striking a balance between the working environment and personnel development.

Beyond the TCEB Go strategy, TCEB’s “Thailand MICE to Meet You Year 2023” campaign has stimulated the economy through a wide range of MICE events. These events include conferences, training programs, professional meetings, exhibitions, corporate events, and festivals, which generate revenue and job opportunities across the country.

One noteworthy event on the horizon is the National MICE Day, scheduled for 26 April 2024. This event will emphasize the significance of the MICE industry for Thailand’s development, featuring experts in technology and sustainability to share valuable insights, with over 400 representatives from the MICE sector expected to attend.

To date in 2023, the Exhibitions sector has performed the best in the MICE sector.

Looking ahead, Mr. Chiruit shared ambitious goals, stating that the TCEB Go strategy aims for the fiscal years 2023-2027 to attract 160 million MICE travellers to Thailand, generating total revenue of over 945.00 billion Thai baht. The future of Thailand’s MICE industry lies in authenticity and destination high-value proposition.

As we witness Thailand’s journey towards becoming a global MICE leader and a sustainable MICE destination, it’s clear that this transformation goes far beyond economic growth. It is about innovation, local development, and environmental responsibility. Thailand is setting an example for MICE industries worldwide, and the world should take note.

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