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Revolutionizing Events: The Slate Phuket’s Coliseum Steps unveiled

Coliseum Steps

Explore The Slate’s Coliseum Steps in Phuket, a venue redefining outdoor events with its unique design by Bill Bensley, offering a blend of elegance and innovation for unforgettable gatherings.

In the world of event planning, where organizers seek new venues and creativity for their next event, The Slate in Phuket reintroduces their unique outdoor venue, beckoning event planners to venture beyond the conventional and step outside. The Coliseum Steps, a masterpiece of landscaping designed by the renowned architect Bill Bensley, sets the stage for spectacular outdoor events in Phuket, Thailand.

Situated within the expansive premises of The Slate, a Bensley design hotel and a distinguished member of Design Hotels, the Coliseum Steps and Coliseum Garden present an unparalleled canvas for crafting extraordinary events. As David Barrett, the Events Consultant for The Slate, aptly puts it, “Coliseum Steps is a truly special venue in Phuket.”

Visitors can immerse themselves in the charm of the Coliseum Steps, where tiers gracefully cascade down to a central stage, overlooking a serene lotus pond. This outdoor amphitheater-style venue captivates with its classical ambiance, ensuring that all eyes are drawn to the focal point. With five stepped tiers, a stage and a sprawling lawn, Coliseum Garden, spanning over 975 square metres or 10,500 imperial square feet, the Coliseum Steps can accommodate up to four tables on each tier, offering a maximum capacity that caters to diverse event needs.

The versatility of the Coliseum Steps is truly remarkable. From hosting grand gala dinners and awards evenings to fostering creative brainstorming sessions or embracing the casual charm of bean bag seating, or straw bales, for 200, this venue is a canvas awaiting the strokes of innovation. David Barrett adds, “I think it’s one of a kind in Phuket.”

Complete with a ground-level stage, a fully equipped bar and the stylish Rebar lounge at the top tier, the Coliseum Steps invites event planners to start planning a spectacular event with its strategic layout. Dual entrances through Rebar or at the garden level make it an ideal space for hosting innovative outdoor events that leave a lasting impression.

But the allure doesn’t end there. The Coliseum Garden expands the realm of possibilities. From impactful presentations to elegant gala dinners, captivating cocktail parties, sensational stage shows and even team-building exercises – the creative opportunities are boundless. Khun Gam, the event superhero on the property, collaborates with clients to craft truly memorable outdoor events.

Barrett concluded, “Within The Slate’s spacious 25 acres of landscaped facilities, the Coliseum Steps is the epitome of outdoor event elegance and innovation and this extra special venue is exclusively available for residential meeting and incentive groups.”  

For those ready to elevate their event planning game, contact David Barrett at to embark on a journey of event creativity and sophistication. The Coliseum Steps awaits, promising an event experience that elevates the guest experience as one of the extraordinary event spaces in Phuket.

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