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From Luxury Hotels to Monastic Tranquility: Mark van Ogtrop’s Journey of Transformation

Explore the remarkable journey of Mark van Ogtrop, Co-Founder of Beacon Sky Hospitality, from luxury hotels to a serene monastic life. Discover how his transformation, guided by Buddhist principles, brought inner peace and new business opportunities. Learn about the power of positivity and the unexpected paths wisdom can lead in the world of high-end hospitality.

In the fast-paced world of high-end hospitality and corporate success, where the pursuit of profits often takes centre stage, Mark van Ogtrop‘s story stands out as a captivating narrative of personal transformation. The Co-Founder and Executive Director of Beacon Sky Hospitality, and a seasoned General Manager of 5-star hotels, Mark’s journey transcends the glitz and glamour of the luxury hotel industry.

For TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific, David Barrett delved into Mark’s extraordinary journey, which led him from the bustling world of hotels to the serene sanctum of Thai Buddhist monastic life. Mark’s tale of resilience and reinvention and turning the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic into an opportunity of self development is nothing short of inspiring.

This is a tale of the unexpected, as Mark seized the opportunity for a spiritual odyssey that would profoundly reshape his outlook on life. Choosing to enter a Thai temple and immerse himself in a unique English-language program for expats and global wanderers eager to explore Buddhism, Mark embarked on a journey toward ordination as a monk.

Mark enlightened us on the foundational tenets of monastic existence, emphasizing the shedding of desires and the rejection of greed and attachment to material possessions. His voice resonated with wisdom as he described the threefold training of Buddhism: virtue, mind, and wisdom, leading to the abandonment of lust, hatred, and delusion.

The 227 Monastic Precepts, governing the daily existence of fully ordained monks, became the guiding light for Mark and his fellow monks on their journey towards spiritual enlightenment. Mark elucidated the rigorous phases of becoming a monk, involving the observation of precepts, cultivation of mindfulness, and the nurturing of virtuous behavior.

What emerged from Mark’s transformation was a newfound serenity and tranquility. He has become a non-confrontational individual, skilled at diffusing anger and avoiding negative emotions. This inner peace, he believed, not only transformed his personal life but also magnetized new business opportunities.

Mark’s unwavering commitment to this spiritual journey was palpable in his words. His odyssey had moulded him into a more peaceful and mindful individual, leaving an indelible mark on his approach to business and life.

As our interview concluded, Mark left us with a final thought: “The positive mindset of Thai Buddhism has had an immeasurable impact on my business endeavours, and I genuinely believe that opportunities are drawn to the radiant energy of positivity.”

In a world marked by ceaseless motion and boundless ambition, Mark van Ogtrop’s tale of the unexpected serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potency of inner peace and the extraordinary places that the quest for wisdom can lead us. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mark for sharing his deeply personal odyssey, a narrative we hope will inspire us all.

We also wish to express our thanks to The Montien Hotel Surawong Bangkok for hosting the majestic Montienthip room for this interview.

David Barrett
Managing Director - DBC Asia

David Barrett is a MICE Consultant, Marketing Strategist and digital video advocate. Founder of DBC Group, Member of Institute of Place Management (MIMP) his motto is “Everybody has a story to tell. Let me tell yours.”

David is a long-term resident of Bangkok having lived and worked in the Thai capital for more than 32 years. He is recognised in the Thai tourism and hospitality industry for his passion for promoting Thailand, his love of Thai food, and his creative approach to marketing.

64 years young, David is a Brit in Bangkok. Born in St Helier, UK, he returned to the UK and set up home in Cornwall during the COVID pandemic. With business back as usual, David has returned to Thailand. He’s a man on a mission to interview leaders and trend-setters in business, sustainability, the arts and entertainment. You can watch his weekly conversations on Trends YouTube channel.