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Discover the art of sustainable luxury at Visama Lodges Mae Chan

Discover the fusion of luxury and sustainability at Visama Lodges Mae Chan, a sanctuary for nature lovers and culinary enthusiasts alike. Join Trends’ David Barrett as he explores with Christopher Stafford this innovative retreat that promises unforgettable experiences and a deep commitment to local empowerment and environmental stewardship. Start your journey into the heart of nature with Visama Hospitality Group’s pioneering venture.

In a world that often feels dominated by the fast-paced rhythms of urban life, the allure of escaping to the serenity of nature is an ever-growing desire. For those seeking to embrace the wild, disconnect from the chaos, and revel in the art of living well, Visama Lodges Mae Chan presents an exquisite opportunity to do just that. In the latest episode seven of Trends, host David Barrett engages in a captivating conversation with Christopher Stafford, CEO & Founder of The Occident & Orient, who has co-founded the new venture, Visama Hospitality Group (VHG) with visionary tourism operator Willem Neimeyer of Yaana Ventures.

A Luxurious Retreat into Nature

Visama Lodges Mae Chan is poised to redefine the very essence of luxury and sustainability in hospitality. This haven, which soft opened on November 1, 2023, invites guests to embark on a voyage into the heart of nature. It is an adventure filled with exploration, learning from the forest while being captivated by the mountains, meandering rivers and diverse wildlife that compose our magical Earth.

The name “Visama” derives from Sanskrit, the linguistic heart of many Southeast Asian languages. It embodies the essence of the remote and the mysterious—an invitation to embark on an adventure, a promise of discovery.

The Visama Difference

What sets Visama Mae Chan apart is its selection of the remote location, ensuring a sustainable haven where guests can savour multi-day stays enriched by local activities and wellness programmes. The ethos revolves around fostering direct income, providing vocational training, and embracing sustainability to empower the local community. Furthermore, Visama Mae Chan is unwavering in its commitment to nature conservation, both within the property’s confines and beyond the camp’s borders.

Guests at Visama Mae Chan can expect nothing short of unforgettable experiences, where genuine local hospitality embraces them as cherished friends and family. The property, located in the idyllic Mae Chan district, just 31 km north of Chiang Rai airport, opened for stays commencing 1st November 2023.

With ten thoughtfully designed tents and plans to expand with twelve more, Visama Mae Chan is the inaugural high-end lodge under the Visama Hospitality Group (VHG) Asia umbrella. What makes this venture even more remarkable is its “not-for-profit” principle, benefiting the neighbouring Friends of Thai Daughters Foundation (FCD).

Each luxury tent bears a name inspired by the hilltribes, such as “Akha”, “Lahu” and “Yao”. These spacious tents range from 48 to 80 square meters, inclusive of a generous veranda. Standard amenities encompass air-conditioning, espresso machines, French press coffee pots, invigorating rain showers, WiFi, secure safety deposit boxes, in-room refrigerators, his and her bathrobes and slippers, bathtubs, and a dedicated 24-hour concierge. All the luxuries and comforts of a five-star resort.

Where Sustainability Meets Gastronomy

Visama Mae Chan isn’t just about luxurious accommodations; it’s also a sanctuary for the gastronomically inclined. The property aims to source 90% of its produce from within a 10-mile radius, placing a strong emphasis on organic, locally grown food. Plans are in motion to offer guests an enchanting journey into the forest to forage for ingredients, introducing the concept of sustainable gastronomy. This endeavour raises awareness about the pivotal role food plays in achieving sustainability. By sourcing ingredients hyper-locally, chef can create delectable dishes while minimizing an ecological footprint.

A Beacon of Low Carbon Travel

Visama Mae Chan aligns perfectly with the modern traveller’s quest for low-carbon options. It stands as a pioneer in providing sustainable, low-impact stays in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand. The lodges epitomise the evolution of hospitality with an eco-conscious, community-centric approach. Located far from the hustle and bustle of urban centres, guests can enjoy the comforts of luxury accommodation without the distractions of town and city life. The minimal operational carbon footprint is particularly attractive to eco-conscious travellers seeking meaningful experiences.

The Future of Sustainable Exploration

Visama Mae Chan is just the beginning. VHG Asia has plans to develop trails where guests can traverse three distinct camps along a Lanna (Northern Thailand) trail. Additionally, their vision extends beyond Thailand, with sights set to expand into neighbouring countries.

As the world yearns for respite, Visama Lodges Mae Chan emerges as a beacon of sustainable luxury—a sanctuary where guests can harmoniously coexist with nature, savour the finest local cuisine, and embark on journeys of discovery. This is more than just a travel experience; it’s a testament to the art of living well… sustainably.

For bookings and more information on Visama Mae Chan, visit their website at Your next adventure awaits, immersed in nature’s embrace.

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