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Ministry of Transportation enhances Eid al-Fitr air travel operations across Indonesia

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To ensure smooth Eid al-Fitr travel, Indonesia’s Ministry monitors 51 domestic and 16 international airports, addressing increased passenger flow.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – The Ministry of Transportation announced comprehensive plans to monitor air travel operations during the Eid al-Fitr holidays, ensuring seamless connectivity for millions of passengers traveling to and from various destinations across Indonesia.

Director General of Civil Aviation, M. Kristi Endah Murni said, “We will open Eid posts in airports from April 3 to 18, by monitoring 51 airports for domestic flights and 16 airports for international flights,”.

With over 4 million travelers anticipated to use air transportation for the 2024 Eid homecoming, the Ministry is gearing up for a 12 percent increase in passenger volume compared to the previous year. Peak travel days are projected on April 6 for the homecoming flow, with an estimated 310,411 passengers, and on April 14 for the return flow, expecting 314,449 passengers.

To meet the rising demand, the Ministry has calculated that 329 aircraft will be operational, ensuring that the capacity needs of domestic air transport passengers for Eid 2024 are fully met through regular flights. “This means that air transport capacity needs have been met through regular capacity,” she explained.

In addition to monitoring operations, the Ministry has emphasized the importance of preparing for extreme weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances by developing contingency plans. With safety and security as paramount concerns, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has also put measures in place for delay management services to maintain quality service standards for passengers.

As Indonesia gears up for one of the busiest travel seasons of the year, the Ministry of Transportation’s proactive approach aims to ensure that the Eid al-Fitr holidays are marked by joyous reunions and safe travels across the archipelago.

For more information on airport operations and travel advisories during the Eid al-Fitr holidays, passengers are encouraged to visit the Ministry of Transportation’s official website or contact their respective airlines.

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