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Australia still safe destination

Tourists still perceive Australia to be a safe destination…

Tourists still perceive Australia to be a safe destination, a meeting of industry leaders has found.

A survey of industry leaders at the TTF (Tourism & Transport Forum) Leaders` Summit in Canberra found 94 percent of respondents believe that overseas tourists view Australia as a safe holiday destination.

However, 52 percent believe Australia is seen as less safe than prior to the terrorist attacks in the US on September 11 2001.

Only 14 per cent of respondents believe terrorism is the most significant threat to the growth of the Australian economy.

TTF Managing Director Christopher Brown said since September 11, Australia had significantly strengthened aviation security.

Industry has invested millions in aviation security and it is very positive to see that our members are getting feedback that Australia is still seen as a safe destination, he said.

The majority of respondents considered infrastructure shortfall (36 percent) and skills shortages (34 percent) as the biggest threats to the growth of the economy.