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ClubHotel set to boom in Asia Pacific

Hospitality Marketing Concepts (HMC), the solution provider of loyalty membership programmes, is expanding its globally ClubHotel programme in Asia Pacific. Celebrating a 20-year history this year, HMC has operated thousands of private-label loyalty programmes and established a global infrastructure and advanced technology resources. In 1997, HMC created ClubHotel, a worldwide network of four- and five-star hotels, providing common benefits and recognition to an international membership base.

To date, the synergy generated by ClubHotel remains staggering, resulting in tens of thousands of incremental room nights for participating hotels. In 2007, one hotel group in Asia Pacific realized over 100,000 room nights, $15 Million (USD) in rooms revenue and $5.5 Million (USD) in F&B revenue from members.

With more than 450 global hotel partners and over 1 Million active program members, ClubHotel has a strong existing network presence in Asia Pacific with China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore as major hubs.

Stuart McAusland, Senior Vice President & Managing Director Asia Pacific, says, “ClubHotel is a recession-proof marketing programme. Our proprietary CRM technology allows hotels to instantly reach thousands of qualified customers and target periods of low occupancy with specific and tailored promotional offers. One of our many success stories — our Qindao hotel partner realized a 13% increase in rooms revenue using ClubHotel’s no-cost CRM e-campaign platform. ClubHotel is a powerful marketing tool for hotels anytime, regardless if we are in a recession or not.”

ClubHotel development focus in Asia is on Hong Kong, Shenzen and Macau, followed by major hub cities in Asia. Qualifying hotels confirming participation before May 1, 2008 will receive top priority.

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