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TADA starts recruitment of drivers for bike services as transportation ecosystem grows in Thailand


TADA expands in Thailand, introducing app-based motorbike services, TADA Bike and TADA Bike Plus, with 0% commission to enhance income for Thai motorcycle drivers and revolutionize local transportation.

Bangkok- TADA, the Singapore-based zero-commission ride-hailing platform, is expanding its transportation ecosystem in Thailand with the addition of app-based motorbike ride-hailing services.

The announcement comes just two months after the official TADA launch in Thailand with coverage growing to cover the entire Bangkok Metropolitan Area a month ago. This lets TADA grow its commitment to delivering quality and affordable travel solutions to a wider range of Thai customers.

Upcoming developments are on the horizon as TADA gears up to launch new services, TADA Bike and TADA Bike Plus next month. These new offerings promise enhanced ride comfort and come with enticing promotional offers for Thai commuters.

In a bid to revolutionise mobility options in the market, TADA is opening doors to a range of services. The company extends a warm invitation to all interested bikers and drivers to download the TADA driver application and start their 0% commission journey.

Mr. Sean Kim, CEO of TADA, said, “With the strategic addition of motorcycle services we continue to develop the transportation ecosystem in Thailand. We are focused on creating additional income opportunities for more Thai motorcycle drivers with our commitment to 0% commission.”

TADA is fully invested in its growth and success in Thailand and is disrupting the industry by moving from commission-based fees to a more sustainable model for drivers and passengers, ensuring continued growth and underscoring TADA’s dedication to providing services that are right for the country.

This strategy allows the company to create a fairer, more transparent and financially rewarding ecosystem.

It is a model that has a huge impact on drivers who earn most of their income from fares and results in a significant increase in revenue. This allows Thai drivers to directly benefit from their hard work and dedication.

The registration for bikers is now open, and the sign-up process is straightforward and hassle-free. To begin registration process, Thai motorcycle drivers should download the ‘TADA Driver App’ and prepare the following documents:

– Profile picture (looking straight at camera)

– Thai National ID card and driver’s licence

– Photos of the motorbike, registration booklet, and compulsory motorbike insurance

“At TADA, our unwavering commitment to fairness and empowerment has been ingrained in our approach since day one in Thailand. By expanding opportunities for more Thai drivers to join the TADA Thailand team, we not only uphold our vision but also strengthen our mission of providing a truly fair and equitable ride-hailing experience for all involved,” Mr. Kim added.

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