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Indonesia unveils first water museum at 2024 World Water Forum

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Launching in Bali, Indonesia’s first water museum aims to elevate global water conservation and sustainable management discussions.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Indonesia is poised to make waves in the realm of water conservation with the unveiling of its first water museum in Tabanan District, Bali Province, during the World Water Forum (WWF) in May 2024. This innovative museum, set to join the international water museum networks, is part of the country’s commitment to raising awareness and fostering global discussions on water resource management.

Constructed on a six-hectare site adjacent to the Subak Museum in Banjar Anyar Village, Kediri Sub-district, the museum’s development began in 2023. It is a key initiative by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing to support the 10th WWF, emphasizing the theme “Water for Shared Prosperity”.

Firdaus Ali, Water Resources Expert Staff to the Minister, highlighted the museum’s role in the upcoming forum, stating, “We have registered the museum in the international water museum networks.” He further noted that forum delegates would be encouraged to visit the museum, alongside Lake Batur, as part of their itinerary.

The 10th edition of the triennial WWF, scheduled for May 18-24, 2024, in Bali, aims to attract 50,000 delegates from across the globe, including 44 heads of state and government. The forum will host 290 sessions on a wide range of critical water-related topics, such as water security and prosperity, water governance, disaster risk reduction, and innovative solutions for sustainable water and sanitation management.

The Indonesian Government’s efforts to host this significant event underscore its dedication to addressing global water issues and promoting the equitable and sustainable use of water resources. The water museum’s opening marks a significant step forward in these endeavors, offering a unique platform for education, collaboration, and the sharing of best practices in water management.

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