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World’s first underwater treatment rooms prove to be a hit at Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives

Amidst much industry speculation and global media interest, the world’s first underwater spa rooms have
opened at Aquum Spa at Huvafen Fushi…

Amidst much industry speculation and global media interest, the world’s first underwater spa rooms have

opened at Aquum Spa at Huvafen Fushi, the Maldives’ most spectacular island-chic new resort. Huvafen Fushi is the second luxury island concept managed by Per Aquum Resorts & Spas.

A masterpiece of engineering and the result of meticulous research by an international team of designers and engineers, the underwater treatment rooms, which took approximately 12 months to construct and install, were uniquely constructed using a solid cast resin to create an underwater structure that could be set in the open ocean with minimal disturbance to the island’s delicate eco system. With crystal clear resin five inches thick, the structure exceeds the specifications demanded by the American standards authority and provides infinitely better clarity than a much cheaper option of laminated glass. The philosophy behind Aquum Spa is the simple concept that water is the equilibrium and elixir of life – restorative, calming, balancing and renewing vitality. It is about living authentic to nature. With a resurgence in the popularity of water treatments, Aquum Spa’s underwater treatment rooms take the water experience to a completely new level, creating a rejuvenating encounter with water, in a way that no other spa has done in the world.

The underwater treatment rooms are the ultimate expression of this bonding with water, a completely surreal

experience, offering instant calming as you bathe in the hues of blues and reflecting light from the surrounding water and inhale the restorative scents of oils and flowers that pervade the room. To enter the underwater spa, guests walk along a jetty connected to the over water spa to a thatched entrance. This opens onto a stairwell, decorated with balau and hemlock wood from floor to ceiling with soft lighting that sets the tranquil tone for immersion into the underwater spa rooms.

The floor of the rooms and base of the walls are decorated with hemlock wood. Glass walls surround offering perfect viewing of the underworld of the Indian Ocean, while above hang handmade silk lights replicating a school of jelly fish. Guests can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Indian Ocean, letting the mind and body just release and float away as myriads of tropical fish and sea creatures glide by. Launching October 1st will be Huvafen Fushi’s signature underwater treatment ‘Quintessentially’ specifically designed for the underwater spa rooms incorporating positions that allows the guest to take in the visual feast of marine life that surrounds them whilst being drawn into a meditative state of escapism from the world above the waterline.

Aquum Spa at Huvafen Fushi comprises eight treatment rooms, two of which are under water, ‘Degrees’

which includes: an ice room, sauna, steam, onsen shower, mist shower, relaxation lounge with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, boutique, manicure and pedicure suite, ladies and gentlemen’s changing rooms and a reception area.

The gymnasium is set out over the water and comprises cardio vascular and resistance machines as well as an extensive range of free weights. Set on its own platform over water is the Yoga pavilion where Yoga and meditation classes or private sessions are held. Wellness training, kick boxing, sea kayaking and a selection of fitness classes and private sessions are also on offer through the islands Wellness Trainer for those wishing to focus more on the body.

Unique to Huvafen Fushi is the Lonu Veyo, a salt-water floatation pool harnessing the abundance of minerals found in the Indian Ocean, yet with a 30% higher concentrate that has 21 minerals and characteristics that

all offer specific benefits to the human body. Aquum Spa is complimented by Raw,the resort’s healthy eating restaurant offering the concept of raw and spa cuisine to suit all tastes. The long communal dining table is a great place to catch up for a revitalising juice during the day and to chat with like minded people about alternative experiences.

Aquum Spa has introduced signature rituals and treatments utilising natural tonics and elixirs made from the life-giving properties of fresh seawater, nutritious sea plants and minerals and is constantly developing and refining to suit the needs of its discerning spa goers. From the pure waters that cleanse and detoxify to the nutritious ingredients that feed and nourish, the choices are many. Mind-soothing aromatherapy, body-nourishing scrubs, massages of many styles, sophisticated face and eye renewal together with eastern rejuvenation rituals.