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Time to visit the Red Beach in Panjin, China

The Panjin Red Beach National Scenic Corridor includes ten scenic spots.

PANJIN, China – The second edition of “Red Beach Cup” International Youth Art Festival kicked off on August 14 in the Red Beach National Scenic Corridor, a spectacular tourist attraction located in the northeastern Chinese city of Panjin. More than 200 young people from China, Russia, the United States and other 11 countries participated in the event.

The Panjin Red Beach National Scenic Corridor sits on the bank of Liaohe River and the shore of Bohai Bay. It is the largest red wetland in the world, characterized by unique red coastline, abundant wetland resources and thick reed marshes.

The “Red Beach” is a AAAA scenic spot, the country’s second highest rate for tourist attractions. It receives more than 1 million domestic and foreign visits every year, entertaining its guests with a boundless stretch of flaming beach, tens of thousands of happy waterfowls and a vast rippling sea of reeds. 

The marvelous view is born thanks to seepweed, which covers the marshland and turns red every summer and autumn after penetration of alkali and being soaked with saline. A sea of red stretches in never-ending line.

Another selling point is the world’s biggest reed marsh wetland, which is home to a variety of wild animals and plants. Here you can see a trestle bridge wind its way to the sea and melt into the sky, liking a wave heading for the high sea. While walking on the bridge, you can enjoy the sight of the red beach and reed marshes on your two sides, hear the singing of migrant birds and feel the natural power of the vast sea.

The Panjin Red Beach National Scenic Corridor includes ten scenic spots. It starts to turn red around May and gradually change from the red to purple till October, so the best time for visit every year is from May to October.

All visitors are expected to have a beautiful memory here. The Panjin Red Beach National Scenic Corridor is upgrading its service through digitalization and smart travel, catering for building a moderately developed city in Panjin. In the burning hot summer, come to the colorful Panjin, and indulge in the coolness and refresh yourself in the wetland.

Photo caption: The Panjin Red Beach National Scenic Corridor

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