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Hotusa Hotels disembarks on Indian and Colombian shores

Hotusa Hotels, the chain of independent hotels belonging to the Hotusa Group, continues its international expansion with the addition of its first establishments in India and Colombia. With these new additions, the consortium is now present in 45 countries.

In India, the consortium has included as an associated establishment, The Emerald Hotel, a modern, four-star hotel with 64 rooms, in Mumbai (Bombay), the true economic engine of the country. According to the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC), in 2006, India received a total of 4,493,000 tourists, a figure that is forecast to increase to 5,133,000 foreign visitors by the end of 2008. India completes its Asian offer of Hotusa Hotels that began with China last year. The company has plans to continue its expansion in this gigantic Asian country where it already has three hotels, as a result of the great touristic interest aroused by the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing this year.

Changing continents, the Colombian hotels which have been added to the chain’s portfolio are the four-star Hotel Bogota Regency, the four-star Hotel de la Ville and the Hoteles America, all three situated in the business area of the capital city of the country, Bogota. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia estimated that a total of 1,978,593 tourists visited the country in 2006, 48.10% more than the previous year. The major issuing markets were the U.S.A. (258,580 visitors), Venezuela (141,595), Ecuador (100,222) and Spain, with 66,423 tourists.

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