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Chinese national tourist satisfaction reported “general” in 2nd quarter

China Tourism Academy released its “2013 second quarter survey of national tourist satisfaction" on July 11 which shows a decline of satisfaction degree of both domestic and international tourists in China.

CHINA – China Tourism Academy released its “2013 second quarter survey of national tourist satisfaction” on July 11. The report shows that the tourist satisfaction index in the second quarter of this year is scored 74.49, positioning itself on a “general” level, which decreases by 5.43 year-on-year. Among the ranking list formed by 60 domestic sample cities, Suzhou, Chengdu, Huangshan, Beijing and Qingdao occupied the top five, within which, however, only Suzhou reached the “satisfactory” level.

The report pointed out that since the beginning of the year, tourists’ perceived quality on tourism services as well as destinations’ natural, social, economic, secure and other overall indicators decreased significantly. Satisfaction of inbound travellers dropped substantially with complaint rates rising continually, among which, satisfaction degree of tourists travelling to remote north-western areas was totally below the leverage. Domestic tourist satisfaction continues declining to a “general” level; satisfaction of inbound tourists also keeps descending to an “adequate” level; outbound tourist satisfaction stays stability on the “adequate” level, flat to the first quarter.

The report indicates that the reason for the this declining is mainly due to: the low level of current facilities, public services and industrial services; the low level of professional tourism related services; the insufficient of ecological nature, beautifulness of the sights, security level, appearance of the city, health facilities, shopping, travel agency services, convenience of banking services, accommodation and other aspects.

The report also announced the satisfaction index of online review and that of travel complaints handling with the former scored 82.50 to a “satisfactory” level, increasing by 1.64 year-on-year and the latter scored 66.40 to a “pass” level, growing by 7.49 year-on-year. However, the complaint rates of all kinds of tourist especially inbound travellers are all on a rise.

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