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Chinese tourists: Easier visas, more choices

Mauritius and Jordan recently joined the initiatives flow of simplifying visa applications for Chinese tourists with an obvious purpose of attracting the most talented and influential market.

BEIJING – After George Osborne, the British Chancellor of Exchequer unveiled Britain’s initiatives on simplifying their visa applications for Chinese visitors about a week ago, good news coming along one by one.

Jordan Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed their Chinese counterpart recently that Jordan will commence the visa-on-arrival policy to Chinese visitors as an alternative to applying Jordan visas from the embassy on condition that visitors from China need to show their valid passport, inform the border staff of addresses during their stay in Jordan as well as their visiting purposes. Certain fees will be charged according to different entry times i.e. JOD20 (abt. $28) for single entry, JOD30 (abt. $42) for double entries, multi-entry within half a year for JOD60 (abt. $85).

Meanwhile, related sources revealed that an mutual visa-free agreement between China and Mauritius will come into effect by the end of October, which declares that residents holding valid passports in one contracting party can legally enter, leave or transit in the other party within a maximum of 30 days.

The joining of Mauritius and Jordan has strengthened the community of overseas destinations that make every effort to attract Chinese visitors. In addition, according to professionals from travel agencies, Mauritius, sharing the name “Pearls of Indian Ocean” with Maldives and Seychelles, is more appealing to Chinese tourists than Jordan, though the latter has been benefited from a growing inflow of Chinese visitors during recent years.

With more and more participants adding to the team, Chinese tourists now have a wider range of choices to travel internationally with less efforts. In the meantime, Chinese tourism market has restructured itself remarkably after the application of the new tourism law, which, as indicated in previous articles, witnessed the overwhelming increase of independent and individual travelers compared to group tourists. And that, in a certain point of view, has promised a growing potential of Chinese market towards small-scale and unique-styled international destinations.

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