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TA Network and NusaTrip forge strategic partnership to revolutionize travel


TA Network teams up with NusaTrip, enhancing the digital travel landscape through innovative technology and a vast hotel network.

Trip Affiliates Network (TA Network) announced its collaboration with NusaTrip (NST), Indonesia‘s leading online travel agent accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). By leveraging TA Network’s proprietary in-house hotel network and connectivity services, NST gains access to TA Network’s fully integrated, open travel ecosystem. This empowers NST with a comprehensive suite of dynamic products and inventory, including seamless payment options and efficiency-focused modules tailored to enhance control over B2B payment streams.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for both the hospitality and travel sector, bringing global connectivity to NST and the TA Network ecosystem. Drawing upon the combined expertise of both entities, this collaboration aims to streamline and simplify the multifaceted landscape of modern travel. Equipped with TA Network’s innovative technology and turnkey solutions, NST is poised to tackle the challenges posed by the ever-expanding digitalization of the travel and hospitality sectors.

Patrick Soetanto, CEO NusaTrip, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with TA Network, stating, “Trip Affiliates Network offers a distinctive platform with omni-channel capabilities and innovative connectivity solutions, facilitating seamless expansion and entry into the digitalized travel market. This strategic alliance aligns perfectly with NST’s technical and operational requirements, enabling us to tap into TA Network’s extensive network of affiliated travel partners within its travel ecosystem. This collaboration empowers us to expand our network and unlock exciting commercial opportunities for all stakeholders.”

Josef Foo, Managing Partner TA Network emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with NST underscores our commitment to supporting and recognizing online travel agents like NST. As a global travel company operating across various local and international destinations, NusaTrip adds tremendous value to our expanding roster of travel clientele. Together, we are committed to accelerating NST’s growth in the online travel space, providing the travel and hospitality sectors with the competitive edge needed to realize new potentials.”

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