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Appier elevates Hotel Monterey’s personalized ‘Omotenashi’ hospitality with AI

Appier is partnering with Hotel Monterey to enhance the hotel’s customer experience using AI. Hotel Monterey will utilize Appier’s AI solutions, including AIRIS for data integration, AIQUA for personalization, and BotBonnie for conversational marketing. This collaboration aims to provide customized guest interactions and dynamic marketing, ultimately delivering exceptional service.

Appier is pleased to announce its strategic collaboration with Hotel Monterey Co., Ltd. (“Hotel Monterey”), aimed at enriching the hotel’s customer experience through the power of AI. Hotel Monterey has chosen to implement a trio of cutting-edge Appier solutions, including the AI-driven Customer Data Platform, AIRIS, to expedite seamless data integration. Additionally, Hotel Monterey will leverage the AI Personalization Cloud, AIQUA, and the AI Conversational Marketing Platform, BotBonnie, to facilitate individually tailored customer interactions and dynamic marketing strategies. These three innovative solutions will collectively enable Hotel Monterey to deliver unparalleled service, meeting the unique needs of every guest.

Omni-channel engagement with customers

With a surging influx of travel enthusiasts, both existing and potential, Hotel Monterey has embarked on a journey of digital transformation. The primary objective is to harness the power of digital marketing to gain deeper insights into customer preferences, foster enhanced engagement, and cultivate unwavering customer loyalty. To this end, the hotel has pinpointed two critical goals: first, to comprehensively merge dispersed customer data from across the organization, and second, to deliver personalized and optimized services.

However, the hotel’s customer data was consolidated within a single CRM system, requiring substantial time investments for data registration and integration across diverse platforms, including the incorporation of new member data. This presented a challenge to the hotel’s mission of swiftly gleaning customer insights and promptly tailoring its services accordingly. Furthermore, the practice of uniformly dispatching direct mailings to the entire customer base resulted in an approach that lacked the finesse of individual optimization.

In partnership with Appier, Hotel Monterey is dedicated to enhancing customer loyalty by implementing a marketing strategy that is tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Facilitated by Appier’s AIRIS and AIQUA, Hotel Monterey is poised to redefine customer engagement. With the aid of BotBonnie, the hotel can craft personalized and interactive service encounters that adapt to the customer’s on-site behavior, irrespective of the multitude of customer touchpoints. By seamlessly merging data from various channels, Hotel Monterey has gleaned invaluable customer insights, enabling the provision of services that are precise, adaptable, and perfectly aligned with customer requirements.

We are delighted to collaborate with Appier in driving our digital transformation through data-powered decision-making,” expressed Atsushi Hasebe, Director of Planning and Administration at Hotel Monterey. “With Appier’s suite of AI enterprise solutions, including AIRIS, AIQUA, and BotBonnie, we’ve achieved real-time integration and analysis of user profiles across offline, online, and social platforms. This not only enhances our precision in reaching our target audience but also elevates our member experience, nurtures customer loyalty, and empowers us to craft an effective marketing strategy, optimizing sales during this period of post-pandemic travel resurgence.”

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