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ATEC, supported by the NFACR, announced a federally funded China Host training program to help 500 Australian tourism businesses attract

This year's Lunar New Year indicates a slower recovery for China's visitor market to Australia, with ATEC highlighting reduced bookings

Robert Taylor's appointment to ATEC's national board marks a significant stride in integrating Aboriginal tourism perspectives into Australia's tourism strategy,

At the Meeting Place Gala, industry luminaries were honored by the Australian Tourism Export Council, underscoring the vibrant expertise and

Christian Watts of Magpie Travel asserts that while GenAI may not initially alter the human-centric delivery of tourism experiences, it

The Federal Government's new economic strategy highlights the growth potential of Australia's tourism industry, prompting ATEC to enhance market-specific training

As we approach two years since borders reopened, the number of international holiday makers arriving in Australia each month continues

The re-instatement of tourism trade with China will be positive news for many tourism businesses which have built expertise in

Accessible & Inclusive Host is a three-module, on-line, self-directed training program which helps staff to understand the needs of travellers

ATEC is supportive of calls to hold the price of Australia’s Passenger Movement Charge (currently $60 per person) and calls