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Robert Taylor joins ATEC board, enhancing indigenous Tourism representation

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor’s appointment to ATEC’s national board marks a significant stride in integrating Aboriginal tourism perspectives into Australia’s tourism strategy, fostering sustainability and cultural engagement.

The Australian Tourism Export Council has appointed the CEO of the Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council (WAITOC), Robert Taylor, to its national board. Robert joins the seven-member board representing the breadth of supplier, buyer and partner member businesses.

Mr Taylor’s extensive experience and understanding of the Aboriginal tourism landscape will be an invaluable asset to the ATEC board as it looks to support greater engagement with First Nations tourism businesses and foster diversity and sustainability in the sector.

We are thrilled to welcome Rob to the ATEC board as a hugely influential advocate for Aboriginal tourism who has spent his career dedicated to promoting cultural heritage, preservation and sustainable tourism practices,” ATEC Chair Denis Pierce said of the appointment.

His leadership role in WAITOC has seen him champion responsible and authentic Aboriginal tourism experiences and build meaningful connections between visitors and the Aboriginal culture of Western Australia. His knowledge of the Aboriginal tourism sector and his dedication to promoting sustainable practices align with ATEC’s vision to integrate responsible tourism practices into the sector. Rob’s insights will be invaluable in enhancing our efforts to support a sustainable and culturally engaged tourism industry.”

Mr Taylor has been a leader in promoting the growth of the First Nations tourism sector, emphasizing the importance of community engagement, cultural respect, and environmental stewardship. His collaborative approach has led to successful partnerships that have empowered Aboriginal communities and promoted the preservation of their cultural heritage.

I am honored to join the ATEC board and contribute to the company’s vision of fostering a sustainable and culturally sensitive Australian tourism industry,” Mr Taylor said. “I look forward to broadly bringing my experience in the Aboriginal tourism and the tourism sector to the ATEC’s board.”

Mr Taylor’s term will commence on Jan 1, 2024, for an initial 12 months.

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