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Thailand enhances tourism sustainability with Tourism Cares partnership

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  • Photo: Darin Nicha
  • Photo: Darin Nicha
  • Photo: Darin Nicha
  • Photo: Darin Nicha

The Tourism Authority of Thailand partners with Tourism Cares, focusing on sustainability and positive impact, targeting the US market for growth.

BANGKOK, THAILAND – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) announced its inaugural partnership with Tourism Cares, a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability within the travel and tourism industry. This collaboration stems from a strong belief in the travel sector’s ability to create positive social, environmental, and economic impacts.

Focused on advancing Thailand’s tourism sustainability, TAT has implemented various initiatives to realize its Sustainable Tourism Goals (STG).  Examples include standardization programs such as STARS, CF Hotels, Green Leaves, and Thailand Tourism Awards (TTA), aimed at motivating Thai suppliers to incorporate sustainable practices.

Within the US Market, TAT has partnered with Tourism Cares, an organization that has been a catalyst for positive change for more than two decades. They bring together global stakeholders in the tourism industry to contribute to the well-being of local communities through various initiatives, including programming, education, and resources.

Mr. Siripakorn Cheawsamoot, TAT Deputy Governor for International Marketing – Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas, said “TAT is delighted to collaborate with Tourism Cares, as we share the common vision that travel can offer meaningful experiences for travelers and the people and communities they visit. By becoming a destination partner of Tourism Cares, we believe that Thai tourism businesses will gain valuable insights into the preferences of US travelers when it comes to sustainable trips. This partnership will enable us to enhance our offerings and better meet the needs of these conscious travelers.”

In 2023, Thailand welcomed approximately 930,000 US travelers, an increase of 112% (post covid) from the previous year. US travelers seek a unique experience that profoundly connects with local communities.

In 2024, TAT anticipates that the country will accrue a combined tourism revenue ranging from approximately 1.54 to 1.92 billion Baht from the international market and 0.86 to 1.08 billion Baht from the domestic market as part of the base case scenario.

To help the travel trade and sustainably minded travelers quickly source a list of vetted, sustainable organizations making positive social and environmental impacts in destinations, TAT has collaborated on the Tourism Cares Meaningful Travel Map of Thailand by adding 15 Impact Partners, with more to come.


Mr. John Sutherland, Senior Director of Community Impact at Tourism Cares, expressed enthusiasm about the organization’s venture into Southeast Asia, marking this as a significant collaboration with Thailand. He recognized Thailand’s prominent position in the region’s sustainability efforts and highlighted the potential observed during the recent Tourism Cares Meaningful Travel FAM with Thailand.

Throughout the past week, we actively interacted with local authorities, individuals, and communities, fostering meaningful exchanges of ideas to ensure that travel is used as a force for good. The partnership between Tourism Cares and TAT is poised to introduce sustainable Thai products and services to the U.S. markets to help positively impact Thailand’s people and places.”

From 6-14 March 2024, TAT and Tourism Cares organised the “Tourism Cares Meaningful Travel FAM with Thailand.” Together, they brought 14 representatives from various tourism industry sectors to Thailand, offering them meaningful experiences such as engaging with local Thai business operators and communities in Bangkok and Krabi.

TAT Deputy Governor, Mr. Cheawsamoot emphasized that “by placing sustainability at the heart of our strategies, a sustainable trip as this would not be possible without a means of sustainable transportation.

We are delighted to continue our partnership with Delta Air Lines and Korean Air for a second consecutive year after the Feel Thailand with Delta Air Lines campaign launch in 2022.  The accessibility for US travelers to Thailand through the initiative made travel seamless and lessened the stress often accompanying an international journey. This year, we are advancing our efforts to ensure that this accessibility evolves into a more responsible mode of travel for every customer’s journey.”

Andrew Kim
Photo: Darin Nicha

Mr. Andrew Kim, Director of Sales for Korea and Southeast Asia at Delta Air Lines, expressed “We view sustainability not as an option but as a way of life. Individuals do not need to trade luxury for sustainability, as we smoothly integrate both. We are enthusiastic about extending our partnership with Thailand and take great pride in having Thailand as an integral part of our Delta Sustainability Program.”

Following the announcement of the collaboration between TAT and Tourism Cares, an educational session was held at the Peninsula Bangkok Hotel for a Thai audience of business operators in the tourism sector. The agenda featured a presentation by Tourism Cares and a panel discussion on “Crafting a Sustainable Thailand Trip Tailored to the US Travel Market,” led by key figures from the public and private sectors of the tourism industry. The session concluded with a networking opportunity for FAM participants and Thai suppliers.

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