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China’s tourism sector poised for historic surge with over 6 billion domestic trips expected in 2024

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Projected to exceed 6 billion domestic trips in 2024, China’s tourism sector is poised for historic growth, signaling a robust recovery and high traveler satisfaction in the post-pandemic era.

In an astonishing projection that underscores the robust rebound of China‘s tourism industry, the China Tourism Academy forecasts that Chinese tourists are slated to undertake more than 6 billion domestic trips in 2024. This surge reflects a burgeoning confidence and the unleashed pent-up demand for travel among Chinese residents. Additionally, the international travel scene is also set for a significant uptick, with the number of inbound and outbound tourists anticipated to surpass the 260 million mark.

The latest report from the academy offers an insightful review of the tourism sector’s performance in 2023, alongside the optimistic forecast for the coming year. Notably, 2023 marked a year of significant recovery for domestic tourism within China, showcasing a remarkable year-on-year growth exceeding 100 percent in both revenue and tourist numbers. These figures represent a bounce-back to over 80 percent of the pre-pandemic levels witnessed in 2019, signaling a return to form for the industry.

On the international front, China’s inbound and outbound tourism also experienced a dramatic surge, with the total number of tourists climbing over 190 million, marking an increase of more than 280 percent compared to the previous year. This resurgence is indicative of the global travel industry’s gradual recuperation from the pandemic-induced downturn.

The academy’s research further reveals a sustained high interest in travel among Chinese citizens throughout 2023, with reported levels of tourist satisfaction reaching new heights. This trend is expected to continue into 2024, as travel restrictions ease and the global community becomes more interconnected.

As China’s tourism sector prepares for this unprecedented growth, stakeholders in the travel and hospitality industries worldwide are closely monitoring these developments. The anticipated surge in travel activity presents a plethora of opportunities for businesses within and outside of China, from airlines and hotels to travel agencies and cultural attractions.

The forecasted boom in domestic and international travel underscores the resilience and dynamism of China’s tourism industry. It also highlights the critical role of travel in fostering cultural exchange, economic development, and global connectivity in the post-pandemic world. As we move into 2024, the eyes of the travel and hospitality sectors will undoubtedly be on China, as it leads the charge in the global tourism recovery effort.

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