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VNAT and Kobe City in Japan collaborate to strengthen air connectivity and bolster tourism

VNAT cobe meeting

The Vietnam National Authority of Tourism (VNAT) discusses bolstering air connectivity and tourism initiatives with a delegation from Kobe, Japan, capitalizing on mutual interests and the upcoming 2025 World Expo in Osaka.

In a recent gathering in Ha Noi, Mr. Ha Van Sieu, Vice Chairman of VNAT, conferred with representatives from Kobe City, Japan, on reinforcing air links and augmenting tourism between the two regions.

Kobe City Delegation

Working delegation of Kobe City, Japan (Photo: TITC)

Mr. Izushi Naofumi of the Kobe Tourism Bureau highlighted the increasing Vietnamese diaspora in Kobe, which currently ranks as the fourth-largest in Japan. This rising demographic underscores the plans to upgrade Kobe Airport into an international hub by 2025, facilitating increased flights from across Asia, inclusive of Vietnam. Naofumi emphasized Kobe’s unique tourism allure, nestled between the sea and mountains, and globally recognized for products like the famed Kobe beef and its reputable hot mineral spring baths. Moreover, Kobe stands as Japan’s preeminent wine producer.

Expressing keen interest in fostering closer ties, Naofumi proposed various strategies to enhance flight frequency between Vietnam and Kobe and escalate tourist exchanges.

VNAT delegation

VNAT’s Vice Chairman Ha Van Sieu discussing at the meeting (Photo: TITC)

Responding positively, VNAT’s Vice Chairman recognized the crucial role of Japanese tourism endeavors, especially in the post-pandemic era. He noted the global inclination towards socio-economic rejuvenation and amplified international cooperation. Interestingly, post-Covid-19 data suggests a mutual tourism interest: in the first seven months of 2023, both Japan and Vietnam witnessed nearly 300,000 tourists from the other country.

Vice Chairman Sieu highlighted the long-standing collaboration between Vietnam and Japan, underscored by various bilateral tourism agreements. He strongly advocated for Kobe’s active participation in these programs and suggested the city’s consistent representation at International Tourism Fairs in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City. These platforms could enable Kobe to showcase its tourism assets, explore flight possibilities, and establish synergies with Vietnamese tourism stakeholders.

Furthermore, the Vice Chairman emphasized the 2025 World Expo slated to be held in Osaka. Given Kobe’s proximity to Osaka, it provides an excellent opportunity to amplify its tourism profile, especially by promoting its world-renowned Kobe beef.

VNAT Cobe Souvanir Photo

Leaders and delegations of both sides taking souvenir photo (Photo: TITC)

In conclusion, the meeting reaffirmed the shared commitment between VNAT and Kobe to fortify their tourism partnership, leveraging their respective strengths for mutual benefit.

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