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#SilkRoadRace Travel Campaign deepens relations between Europe and China

The travel campaign held by Hangzhou Tourism Commission and Expedia, Silk Road Race, Explore the Living Hangzhou, deepens relations between Europe and China.

HANGZHOU, China – Organized by the Hangzhou Tourism Commission in a joint venture with Expedia Media Solutions, “Silk Road Race, Explore the Living Hangzhou” tourism campaign has officially come to an end. Through this innovative campaign, Hangzhou, China has successfully achieved a prestigious status as a global travel destination, weaving China and Europe closer together for future interactions.
The collaborative campaign has opened doors for European travelers to explore Hangzhou and promoted the province as a premier global travel and trade destination, economically benefiting both China and Europe,” said Mr. Zhao, Associate Director of Hangzhou Tourism Commission.
Reinstating the significance of the Silk Road, the “Silk Road Race, Explore the Living Hangzhou” campaign has deepened relations between China and Europe, welcoming Europeans to Hangzhou. Over 30,000 visitors browsed the campaign website, and more than 16,000 retweets were generated through the competition between England, France, and Germany. France won the competition, as it was the first of the countries to reach 5,500 interactions. A participant from France was selected as the grand prize winner and rewarded with two roundtrip flights to Hangzhou courtesy of China Southern Airlines and a five-night accommodation sponsored by JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou.
The continued growth of visitors can be foreseen via the impact of the “Silk Road Race, Explore the Living Hangzhou” campaign and continued efforts in promoting Hangzhou, China. Since the G20 Summit, long-term city planning including upgraded city infrastructure and tourist attractions has further boosted Hangzhou’s tourism development.
The active participation in the “Silk Road Race, Explore the Living Hangzhou” campaign emulates the vision and wisdom of explorers who had created the Silk Road one thousand years ago. By bringing the Silk Road to life once again, Hangzhou’s inspiring energy can be experienced by travelers who have the opportunity to make memories that last a lifetime. The campaign showed travelers that adventure awaits in this dynamic city, the Paradise of China, a truly unique place to visit, explore, and then visit again.


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