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Sanur in Bali gets its own branding

The resort area of Sanur in Bali will launch its own branding “Morning of the World” on August 20 in an effort to strengthen its tourism image.

DENPASAR- The opening of Sanur Village Festival on August 20 will be an opportunity for the resort area of Sanur in Bali to launch its new branding. “Morning of the World” is the brainchild of the Sanur Development Foundation, which looks at turning the destination into a world class reference. Hosting the event during the Sanur Village Festival will be a perfect opportunity. The festival is also an initiative of the Sanur Development Foundation, which aims to turn Sanur, one of Bali’s best known and oldest destinations, into a more contemporary place with a wide range of activities suiting the tastes of today travellers. The festival is is a community event which combines several large-scale activities involving food festival, creative economy exhibition, various contests and competitions, art and cultural attractions, music as well as various types of environmentally-friendly activities.

“Sanur, Morning of the World” must strengthen the resort’s image as a world-class tourist destination. “Morning of the World is also the main theme of the festival. We aim to build an image that if people want to enjoy the beauty of Bali in the morning, Sanur is the place to be. We were inspired by Jawaharlal Nehru, who once said that Bali is the morning of the world, as he was impressed by the beauty of the island when he came here in 1954, ” highlighted last Monday Ida Bagus “Gus De” Gede Sidharta Putra, head of the festival’s organizing committee, in an interview with the newspaper Jakarta Post.

Sanur is also often cited as a great example of a well managed tourist destination. The city has a proper tourism planning project with initiatives being taken by the local government to reinforce the image of Sanur as a tourist friendly and caring destination. For example, beggars, homeless people, wild garbage or illegal moneychangers and illegal street vendors have been banned to provide visitors with a safe peaceful environment.

Sanur is now studied by many as a proper example of tourism management while maintaining at the same time its authenticity through culture and well protected natural landscapes.

To further develop tourist sites, the government has included Sanur as a pilot in its national tourism strategic area (KSPN) development program to boost its potential. Half a million dollars is budgeted to bring physical and empirical improvements to the destination.

The supervision of the area is ensured with the help of the Police but also the Denpasar Public Order Agency. The new branding will consequently give to Sanur a distinctive image to other destinations in Bali.

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