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Tourism campaign to reach million viewers around the world

Through a new global partnership deal with Discovery Networks Asia and National Geographic Australia, the region will reach 150 million potential visitors in key international markets, according to…

Through a new global partnership deal with Discovery Networks Asia and National Geographic Australia, the region will reach 150 million potential visitors in key international markets, according to Tourism Australia Managing Director, Scott Morrison.

“This new deal will showcase Australia as a tourism destination to a potential worldwide audience of high yielding consumers and will complement Australia’s ‘So Where the Bloody Hell Are You?’ tourism advertising campaign,” Scott Morrison said.

“Australia’s best prospects are a group of global consumers called Experience Seekers, who travel more widely, spend more, see more and stay longer, and are also regular and heavy consumers of Discovery and National Geographic.”

“Discovery and National Geographic have the programming and media networks to put Australia in direct contact with our Experience Seekers around the world.”

“Australia is already a powerful brand with the Experience Seekers but we need to increase their actual intention to come and experience our country. By partnering with two very powerful global brands – Discovery and National Geographic – which resonate with these Experience Seekers we can extend Australia’s reach with this important audience,” Morrison stressed.

Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Discovery Networks Asia, Tom Keaveny, said, “Discovery is committed to providing our audiences with the best viewing experience, both in terms of quality content and visual imagery. In addition, we aim to provide our clients such as Tourism Australia with a competitive edge through distinctive integrated packages and media solutions that help their offerings stand apart from the competition”.

“Australia has many unique elements – from its people and culture to the amazing landscapes and wildlife – and Discovery Networks provides the best platform to bring this to our target audience through our flagship brand Discovery Channel, and Discovery Travel & Living, reaching a global audience of 306 million and 145 million respectively.”

“The partnership between Discovery Networks Asia and Tourism Australia goes beyond a traditional spot and sponsorship deal, capitalising on the synergies between the two brands and pushing the boundaries on integrating Australia with the Discovery Networks viewer experience. We look forward to working with Tourism Australia to continue to bring the best of both worlds to viewers everywhere,” Mr Keaveny added.

General Manager, International Advertising for National Geographic Declan Moore said, “We are delighted to partner with Tourism Australia to compel our millions of readers, viewers and other brand advocates to come and experience Australia.”

“This innovative 360 degree fully integrated program spans print, television, online and experiential marketing activities harnessing the full array of National Geographic brand assets to fulfill Tourism Australia’s objectives,” Mr Moore said.

Mr Morrison said the first year of the agreement would see around 20 separate marketing activities rolled out in key markets across the globe through the Discovery and National Geographic networks.

Major initiatives of the partnership include:


  • A series of programs on Australia as part of Discovery Destination Week
  • A 60 minute documentary on the Great Australian Cattle Drive
  • Australia featured in the 5 Takes television series which is backed up by comprehensive online activity
  • American Chopper TV series

National Geographic

  • Australian Expert Vignettes – a series on Australians who work in one field but have a hobby in another, making them passionate experts to run on the National Geographic Channel
  • Australia map and advertorials on Australian experts in National Geographic magazine
  • Sam Abell’s Photographic Exhibition: A digital and physical exhibition of photographs of Australia taken by world renowned National Geographic Photographer Sam Abell

Mr Morrison added, “This new partnership will help us to market Australia direct to the customers who are interested in experiencing Australia via a powerful mix of print, online and television programming.”

“Tourism Australia has negotiated a world-wide editorial, publicity, sponsorship and advertising deal with Discovery and National Geographic adding millions of dollars in value to our current advertising spend,” Mr Morrison said.

“The partnership with Discovery and National Geographic is a win-win for Australian tourism and will help to get more Experience Seekers serious about experiencing Australia.”

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